Water Services

Water Operations, a Utilities Division of Public Works, offers several different water related services for residents, businesses and contractors working within Prescott City Limits. Information, applications and specific details about what each City water service entails, is listed below.

Bulk Water Dispensing Station

Bulk water may be purchased at the City of Prescott Water Dispensing Station.

The Residential Hauler side has a 1” dispensing hose and dispenses water with coin payment (QUARTERS ONLY).

The Commercial Hauler side has a 2” inch dispensing hose and dispenses water with coin payment (QUARTERS ONLY) or City of Prescott “Water Card” use.

Water Cards for Payment at the City’s Bulk Water Dispensing Station

“Water Cards” may be purchased at the Water Operations Administrative office located at: 1481 Sundog Ranch Road. Check payment only – No credit cards or cash. New cards are subject to a one time start up fee of $10.00.  The City does not haul water.

Current rate for water is .25₵ for 73 Gallons and $3.43 per 1,000 Gallons

Water Station Rates

How to Find and Read My Water Meter

Leaky pipes and drips when undetected waste thousands of gallons of water and result in higher monthly water bills.  Dripping faucets and running toilets are pretty easy to detect. Underground leaks are invisible but can literally wash away the structural integrity of your home.  Here is a guide to help you find and read your water meter to assist you in finding “hidden” water leaks.

Water Leak Guide

How to Find and Read My Water Meter

Construction Hydrant Meters

Construction Hydrant Meters are available through the City of Prescott for construction projects that require potable water, prior to the release of a water meter for the construction site.

A construction hydrant meter may be supplied upon request as a temporary source of potable water where there is no reliable water source available for construction work or for permitted City events. The City of Prescott’s construction hydrant meters are now equipped with a reduced pressure back flow assembly and the City’s Water Protection division performs the back flow testing.

Construction Hydrant Meter application/ agreement is now online and downloadable.

Contact Water Operations for assistance on the application/agreement form and for fee information.

Return completed application and fess to Water Operations 1481 Sundog Ranch Rd. Prescott AZ 86303

Construction Hydrant Meter Application

Directions to Water Operations – 1481 Sundog Ranch Road

Fire Flow & Pressure Tests

Fire Flow & Pressure tests shall be coordinated with City of Prescott Water Operations Staff and Fire Protection Companies.  All tests shall be witnessed by City of Prescott Water Operations Staff.

  • Fire Flow Test fee is $125.00
  • Pressure Test fee is $42.00


All Fees are payable at the Permit Counter at City Hall.

Address: 201 S. Cortez St. Prescott AZ

Cash, Checks and Credit Cards are accepted forms of payment.

Checks Payable To: City of Prescott

Credit card payments may be taken over the phone.

Contact Public Works – Permitting at (928) 777-1269

Fees for Fire Flow & Pressure Tests must be paid prior to conducting tests.

Permit Technicians will provide payee with a Permit Number after fees are paid.

A Permit Number is required to schedule a Fire Flow or Pressure Test.

To schedule a Fire Flow or Pressure Test, contact Water Operations at (928) 777-1118

Monday through Friday: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Directions to City of Prescott – City Hall


Arizona Municipal Water Users Association


  • Utilities
  • Edward Fenlon
  • Water Operations Supervisor
  • Water Operations

    1481 Sundog Ranch Rd

  • 928-777-1118
  • Utilities
  • Nathan Graham
  • Water Supervisor
  • Water Operations

    1481 Sundog Ranch Rd

  • 928-777-1118


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