Water Operations



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  • 1481 Sundog Ranch Rd

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As the water service provider for the City of Prescott and surrounding area, we serve more than water. We provide value, public health, reliability, and peace of mind. Our job is to ensure that the safe supply of water keeps flowing not only today, but well into the future. It’s all part of our service commitment to the community. Water Operations, a Division of Public Works, is comprised of two main areas. Water Production produces, treats and stores our ground water supply. Water Distribution installs and maintains all underground water infrastructure and fire protection necessary to deliver potable water to City residents and businesses. Together these departments ensure water availability consistent with current and future customer needs through long-term resource supply and demand. We evaluate operational resiliency under emergency conditions and maintain infrastructure stability through maintenance management programs. Water quality testing ensures a reliable supply of safe high quality water is delivered to customers, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements.