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Annual Water Quality Reports

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) requires the Annual Water Quality Report to be available to the public by July 1st each year. 

In effort to be fiscally responsible and conserve natural resources, this report is being delivered primarily through electronic distribution. Limited hard copies of the report are available at the City Library, City Hall, and Public Works.

To request a hard copy of this report, contact Water Operations at (928) 777-1118 or email your request to: Water Operations

For information on PFAS/PFOS refer to the following links



Quarterly Arsenic Results

Each year the City of Prescott is required to pull quarterly Arsenic samples at EPDS (Entry Point to Distribution System) 011 located in Chino Valley. This sample is taken to ensure Arsenic levels stay below Federal and State regulatory limits. The MCL (Maximum Contaminant Level) for Arsenic in drinking water is 10 ppb (Parts Per Billion). Below are the quarterly results for the most recent year of City of Prescott Arsenic testing. More information about Arsenic can be found at http://legacy.azdeq.gov/environ/water/dw/download/epa_arsenic.pdf

2023 Q18.2 ppb
2022 Q47.9 ppb
2022 Q37.4 ppb
2022 Q27.9 ppb
*MCL is 10.0 ppb


One ppb is like:  One sheet in a roll of toilet paper stretching from New York to London

Annual Water Supply Reports

The City of Prescott is required to file an annual water withdrawal and use report with the State of Arizona. These full reports are available for download from the Arizona Department of Water Resources website using the “Imaged Records” feature found under “Quick Links” at azwater.gov

In 2019, Water Operations conducted the Lead & Copper Water Sampling in the City
following ADEQ regulatory procedures. The results of the 2019 testing are available in the
2020 Annual Water Quality & Consumer Confidence Report for Calendar year 2019. Due to
the heightened awareness of Lead & Copper, the City has posted the results of the 2019
Lead & Copper water sample testing below.

City of Prescott Lead & Copper