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Backflow Prevention devices help to protect the City water system from pollution and contamination by providing a layer of protection at connection points to private water lines. The Prescott City Code Title II, Section 2-1-5 grants legal authority for the Cross Connection Control Program, with the adoption of the International Plumbing Code; City Code Title III, Chapter 6, Section 608, in compliance with Arizona Administrative Code R18-4-215.

The type of backflow prevention device required is dependent on the degree of hazard present. Each device must be installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations, Prescott City Code, State and Federal Regulations. A backflow device must be tested by a certified backflow tester following repairs or installation, and then annually thereafter. The City requires all testers to submit their certified test reports to the City’s Water Protection staff. All reports must remain on file for three years, pursuant to ADEQ regulations, for all backflow prevention devices within the public water system.

Certified Backflow Testers

A Breeze Fire Protection Inc928-634-8761Cornville
AERO Automatic Sprinkler Co.623-580-7800Phoenix
All West Fire Protection928-776-7861Prescott
American Backflow & Fire Prevention480-630-1610Peoria
Arizona Backflow Care LLC928-351-4321Prescott Valley
B & W Fire Security Systems LLC928-772-8008Prescott Valley
Bear Backflow and Pressure Washing928-515-4516Prescott Valley
Benson Systems480-892-8688Gilbert
Big Sky Plumbing Inc.928-636-7370Chino Valley
Burgie’s Plumbing928-533-5652Prescott Valley
Dalmatian Fire & Safety602-620-3147Phoenix
Dave Morano928-713-1606Prescott
Life & Property Safety, LLC928-910-6213Prescott
R.E.D. Plumbing Inc.928-772-9296Prescott Valley
Titan Alarm602-680-4567Phoenix
Yavapai Plumbing & Heating928-776-7025Prescott Valley