Councilmember Cathey Rusing



  • Council Office
  • 201 N Montezuma St

  • 928-777-1248

Cathey was born at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, DC. Her Father was a career Air Force officer who served as a Navigator Bombardier in WWII and later in Nato Intelligence. Her family has lived in Arizona since 1965. She excelled in the Arizona public school system and graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She married Dr. Tom Rusing, a General Surgeon, in 1978 at Sacred Heart Church in Prescott. The Rusing family came to Prescott in 1961 and started Julie Ann’s Bakery. Tom and Cathey volunteered for 6 months as Medical Volunteers at a small hospital in the highlands of Kenya in 1985, before returning to Prescott to open Prescott Surgical Clinic, and to raise a family. They are the proud parents of 3 sons. There are now 4 generations of Rusings living in Prescott!

Cathey was sworn in Nov. 19, 2019 to a 4-year term. She was overwhelmingly elected in a nonpartisan election, running on the important issues of Growth and Development, Water, Traffic, and Preservation of our natural beauty and our wonderful quality life. She was the only Candidate that did not take campaign donations from developers. She also was the only Candidate to support the position of Save the Dells, a grassroots organization that united the community to preserve the “Heart of the Dells.”

Cathey was involved in the annexation negotiations with Arizona Eco Development which preserved approximately 475 aces of scenic Granite Dells property. She was working with Council, City Staff, Save the Dells, and our Representatives at the State Capitol in February of 2020 to obtain State Funding for the creation of a Regional Park, therefore bringing our sales tax dollars back to be reinvested in our community. Unfortunately, COVID delayed this effort, but it will resume in 2022. This Park will enhance Prescott’s reputation as a destination for Eco Tourism.

During her two years on Council, Cathey was instrumental in improving the infrastructure by requiring ductile iron, not plastic, for our water mains. She also led the fight to require sub metering for single family rental developments, thereby improving water conservation efforts. She was also successful in the creation of the policy for the naming of City buildings and property.

She was appointed by Council as Mayor Pro Tempore on November 23, 2021 and served a one year term in that role.

Cathey is a member of the Citizens Water Advocacy Group (CWAG), a science based “think tank” of local water experts who are dedicated to water conservation, protecting our aquifer, and the flow of the Verde River. She is also a member of the Citizens Tax Committee (CTC), a watchdog group of citizens and elected officials dedicated to keeping an eye on the spending of your tax dollars. She is also a volunteer for the Yavapai County Emergency Medical Reserve Corps.

She is an advocate for Truth and Transparency in City government and encourages citizen input and participation. Please feel free to call, Email, or make an appointment.

Cathey enjoys hiking, biking, and kayaking the scenic trails, parks, and lakes that are in such proximity in and around Prescott. Cathey and Tom can also be found Downtown, partaking in Prescott’s vibrant Food, Music, Arts and Culture scene, and in the many Events and Festivals!