Why The City is Holding a Special Voting Meeting on November 26, 2019

The Special Voting Meeting of Prescott City Council scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 3 p.m. was called in order for Council to take action on a number of items related to acceptance of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Grant award for the construction of the new passenger terminal at Prescott Regional Airport.

In preparation for this meeting it was also determined that in order to help ensure a quorum for the upcoming and previously scheduled December 3rd meeting of the Council Subcommittee for Water Issues appointments would need to be made. The Subcommittee for Water Issues was originally formed as a Mayoral Ad Hoc Committee, however, in December 2017 Resolution No. 4413-1622 was adopted re-establishing the Committee as an official Council Subcommittee. In accordance with this Resolution, “Membership on the Water Issues Subcommittee shall be done through nomination and vote of the entire City Council. The members of the Water Issues Subcommittee shall serve two (2) year terms.”


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