Southeast Staircase of the Granite Street Parking Garage to be Temporarily Closed for repairs

The Southeast Staircase of the Granite Street Parking Garage will be closed for repairs from Monday, September 3rd through Monday December 31st 2018. In addition, the 5th floor will be closed to parking from September 4th through October 2nd for the re-caulking of the deck.

The city-owned garage, which has about 500 spaces, was opened in 2005. Despite the closure, it is anticipated that, after October 2, all but 10 parking spaces will be available to the public. The elevator will remain in service during these repairs.

The City of Prescott will be advising patrons of the parking garage Southeast Staircase closure through signs and traffic control.

Every effort is being made to minimize the impact, and updates will be posted on the City of Prescott website and by public notice as they occur. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during the period of partial closure to affect repairs on the Southeast staircase.

For more information, contact the Communications Office at 928-777-1362, or go to


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  • John Heiney
  • Community Outreach Manager
  • City Hall

    201 S Cortez St

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