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Water & Sewer Resources

PipesThe City of Prescott provides water and sewer services to homes and businesses within our service area. To apply for service, or for questions about your bill, please call Utility Billing at 928-777-1291.

Backwater Valves

Backwater valve seminars conducted by the City's Public Works Department originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 8 at the Grace Sparkes Activities Center and Wednesday, March 16 at the Public Library, have been postponed. The City will issue an announcement when the seminars are rescheduled.

The city sent a letter to all customers with sewer service to notify them of the backwater valve requirements as set forth in Ordinance 4679-092, adopted 12-9-2008. In support of this code, the city is requesting each customer's attention and completion of either of the following:

  1. Permit and install a sewer backwater valve per adopted code, or
  2. Sign and complete a Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement

Photo of backwater valve

Annual Water Reports

Water Production

A majority of the City water comes from six (6) wells in Chino Valley. The water is pumped into a five (5) million gallon reservoir at the Chino Production Facility, and from there pumps convey it to Prescott via high-pressure water mains. Thirty (30) water storage tanks/reservoirs and thirty-eight (38) booster stations are maintained to provide water throughout more than sixty-six (66) pressure zones that serve the City. The thirty (30) storage tanks contain up to thirty-four (34) million gallons of storage. Two (2) additional wells have been drilled near the City Airport to meet existing and future demands in the area. The City's water quality is excellent, requires very little treatment, and is monitored daily to ensure the highest quality.

Water Distribution

The City's water distribution system begins in Chino Valley and water is distributed to homes and businesses through approximately 500 miles of water pipes that are maintained. The Public Works Utilities Division also maintains fire hydrants, valves, meters and manages a cross-connection prevention program.

Meter Reading

The Meter Reading Division of the Public Works Department performs meter reading and customer service for approximately 23,000 customers on a monthly basis.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater collected by the City sewer system flows to the Wastewater Treatment Plants, where it undergoes a multi-faceted biological process to separate out the solids and treat the water for reuse and recharge. The treated water, called effluent, is sold for use in watering golf courses and construction to reduce potable water demand. The solids are used in land application and/or hauled off to a landfill for cover.

Wastewater Collection

Wastewater Collections is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city sewer collection system. The system requires cleaning of approximately 400 miles of sewer pipes, 8,200 manholes and 64 lift stations. System maintenance includes mainline repairs, manhole rehabilitation, pump replacement/repairs and response to customer service requests.

Contact Information

  • Utility Billing Questions/Connections
    201 S. Cortez Street
  • Water Production/Quality
    1481 Sundog Ranch Road
  • Wastewater Collection
    1505 Sundog Ranch Road
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
    1500 Sundog Ranch Road
  • Water/Sewer Emergencies (After Hours)

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