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Trash Pickup & Recycling

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The City will begin collecting glass in residential recycling containers on July 1, 2013. Please place all glass bottles in the blue residential recycle container for collection. Glass bottles only. No plate glass or windshields will be accepted.

The total landfill diversion rate for all solid waste streams (including metal, green waste, inert debris, cardboard, etc.) serviced by the City averages 38.5% or 25,858.21 tons. Residential recyclable materials make up approximately 11% or 2,900 tons of the total diversion annually. The City manages its waste stream in a manner that seeks to divert as much tonnage as practicable from entering the landfill. This practice is more sustainable, lengthens the useful life of the landfill, and saves money for the City and all of our solid waste customers.

Reinstituting glass recycling is expected to divert an additional 5% or 135 tons of materials from the landfill annually. The co-mingled recyclable material will be sent to a materials recovery facility, where it will be separated, sorted, and properly recycled. The City of Prescott Solid Waste Division thanks you for your participation in the glass recycling program and is pleased to be able to bring this additional recycling service to residents.

Holiday Pick-up Schedule

Click here for the holiday schedule for trash and recycle pick-up.

Contact Us

2800 Sundog Ranch Road
Prescott, AZ, 86301
Phone 928-777-1116

The City of Prescott provides weekly curbside refuse collection and recycling. In addition, we offer several other programs to help reduce the waste stream:

Residential Service

The City provides residential customers with a 68-gallon container that has a serial number, which is assigned to the property owner’s water meter. Containers are picked up once per week and must be placed at the curbside or alley on collection day by 6:00 a.m., and removed by the end of the day:

Pickup day:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

If you move, the container stays at the residence. If one container does not meet your needs, additional containers are available for a fee and must be kept for a minimum of three months. The container must be placed a minimum of three feet from any obstruction such as a mailbox, fence or lamppost and a minimum of 15 feet from parked vehicles. All waste must be bagged and the lid of the container must be closed. This prevents the breeding of flies, reduces the risk of damage to the container, and helps to reduce litter in our neighborhoods. All waste to be collected must be placed in the container - the driver will not exit the truck to load excess material.

The following items may not be placed in the containers:

  • Large quantities of dirt, rock, sod or concrete
  • Large appliances or furniture
  • Hot ashes or hazardous materials (liquid paints, petroleum products, etc.)
  • Construction debris; tires
  • Any large items which prohibit the container lid from closing

If you have any questions regarding residential or commercial service, please call the Transfer Station at 928-777-1116 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Rates for Residential and Commercial Service

Service Rate
City Code requires all residences within the City of Prescott City Limits to be serviced by the City’s Solid Waste collection service.
Residential garbage and recycling service
(includes one 68-gallon garbage container and 68-gallon recycling container)
+ .50 landfill closure fee
Additional garbage containers $5.80/month
Additional recycling containers No charge
Call (928) 777-1116 for information about our many options for Commercial Service

The Transfer Station accepts Visa credit card Master Card and American Express for payments.


Holiday Date Transfer Station Residential Service Commercial Service
New Years Day Thursday
Closed If your normal pickup day is Thursday, containers must be curbside by 6:00am on Friday, January 2nd. All remaining customers must have containers curbside by 6:00am for collection on their normal day. Modified Schedule
Commercial customers will be picked up Wednesday and/or Friday.

Annual Cleanup 2015

The City of Prescott Solid Waste Division will provide a residential cleanup to help households dispose of items too big for regular trash pickup.
City crews will pass through neighbourhoods one time only, and the route will be completed by Friday each week.

The following dates are for the 2015 Annual Cleanup:

  • Monday routes March 30th*
  • Tuesday routes April 6th*
  • Wednesday routes April 13th*
  • Thursday routes April 20th*
  • Friday routes April 27th*

*All items must be placed on the curb by 6:00 a.m. on Monday of the pickup week. The earliest material can be placed out for collection is the Monday before the scheduled pickup, or seven (7) days before pickup will begin. Materials must be bagged, boxed, and/or bundled; and be no longer than four () feet and not weigh more than 75 pounds.

Appliances containing, or which have contained, CFC's (Freon) must be accompanied by a certificate from a licensed professional stating that the CFC's have been evacuated.

Items not eligible for pickup
  • Tires
  • Oil
  • Auto batteries
  • Household hazardous materials (paints, pesticides, oil, etc.)
  • Concrete, blocks, brick, asphalt, stone or dirt
  • CFC containing appliances without certificates

There are limits to the volume of material eligible for collection. Please call if you have questions before placing material out for this collection. For more information, please call 928-777-1116.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees will be picked up the week of January 12th on your normal solid waste collection day.

For information, please call 928-777-1116.

Transfer Station

The City of Prescott Transfer Station is located at 2800 Sundog Ranch Road, just north of Prescott Lakes Parkway, off Highway 89 and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Items accepted include: household garbage, construction debris, brush, furniture, appliances, yard waste. Items that are NOT accepted at the Transfer Station include: tires; household hazardous waste (pesticides, turpentine, etc.); paint; anything containing asbestos; appliances that contain CFC's (Freon) unless accompanied by certificate from a licensed professional that the Freon has been evacuated; car batteries; any toxic or hazardous material. For any questions regarding the Transfer Station please call 928-777-1116.

Transfer Station Fees

Prices at the Transfer Station are calculated by the weight of the items disposed of. There is a $5.00 minimum charge, with the following fee schedule:

  • All vehicles - $59/ton
  • Clean inert debris (concrete, asphalt, dirt, rock) can be disposed of for $15 per ton
  • Appliances can be disposed of for $3.00 per appliance with a certificate of Freon removal, if applicable
  • Used motor oil and antifreeze accepted at no charge for recycling from individuals- no businesses
  • Empty and flattened cardboard boxes, newspapers, magazines, aluminum and metal food cans can be deposited in the recycling dumpsters located outside the Transfer Station at no charge, at any time.
  • Tires can be disposed of at the Yavapai County Tire Yard that is located just south of the Transfer Station. The first five passenger tires per year are free. There is a charge for additional tires or heavier tires. For more information please call Yavapai County Public Works at 928-771-3183.

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