Current Street Maintenance Requests

Mar 22, 2019Visibility Obstruction1219 Gail Gardner Way, Prescott, Az 86305, Usa
Mar 22, 2019Pothole212 S Marina St, Prescott, Az 86303, Usa
Mar 22, 2019PotholeHemlock And Hoffman
Mar 22, 2019Pothole806 Lazy Ln, Prescott, Az 86303, Usa
Mar 22, 2019Pothole1542 Mile High Dr.
Mar 21, 2019Pothole1429 Mile High Dr, Prescott, Az 86305, Usa


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  • Street Maintenance Admin
  • Streets/Solid Waste

    2800 Sundog Ranch

  • 928-777-1126


City Planning for Large Attendance at March 26 Meeting

Posted on March 21, 2019

Council Chambers have Limited Capacity Library Founders Suite will be used for overflow City staff are planning for a large turnout at the City Council meeting on March 26, and are taking steps to accommodate as many citizens as possible. … Read more »

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