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City Elections

2015 Primary Election Results

General Information

VotePrescott's legislative body consists of one Mayor and six City Council members who are elected at large. The Mayor serves a two-year term and Council members serve overlapping four-year terms.

General questions regarding Prescott city elections should be directed to Dana DeLong, Prescott City Clerk, at 777-1272 or .

Voter Information

    2015 Primary Election
  • The City of Prescott held its Primary Election on August 25, 2015, where the Mayor and three council positions were up for election
    Candidates Elected to Office in the 2015 Primary Election:
  • Mayor
    • Harry Oberg
  • Council Members
    • Jim Lamerson
    • Billie Orr
    • Steve Sischka
    General election date:
  • The City of Prescott will not hold a 2015 General Election
    To be eligible to vote in a City of Prescott Election:
  • You must be a Prescott resident
  • You must be registered to vote twenty-nine days prior to the election