Budget & Finance Reports

The Budget/Finance Department is accountable for all major financial management functions of the city. In addition to facilitating overall financial management and reporting for the City Manager, City Council, and the general public, this department has the responsibility for budget preparation and management, accounting, sales tax, utility billing, project management accounting, grants accounting, and investments. For more information email the Budget & Finance department.

Financial Reports

FY2019 FY2018 FY2017 FY2016 FY2015
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report CAFR FY2019 Final Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2018 fy2017_cafr_final CAFR 2016 CAFR 2015
Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards City of Prescott Single Audit Package – 6.30.19 Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards 2018 City of Prescott – Single Audit Report FY2017 SEFA 2016 SEFA 2015
Impact Fee Annual Reports FY19 Impact Fee Report FY18 Impact Fee Report FY2017 Impact Fee Report Impact Fee 2016 Impact Fee 2015
Impact Fee ARS 9-463.05 G 2 Biennial Audit City of Prescott DIF Report Impact Fee Biennial Audit
Annual Expenditure Limitation Report Prescott FY19 ELR Final Annual Expenditure Limitation Report 2018  Prescott ELR FY2017 Final AELR 2016 AELR 2015

Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Actuarial Valuations

2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Prescott Fire Dept. (023) 2019-023_Prescott_Fire_Dept._2018 2018-023_Prescott Fire Dept._2018 PSPRS(Fire) Actuarial Valuations 2017 2016 PSPRS Actuarial Valuations – Fire 2015 PSPRS Actuarial Valuations – Fire
Prescott Police Dept. (024) 2019-024_Prescott_Police_Dept._2018 2018-024_Prescott Police Dept._2018 PSPRS(Police) Actuarial Valuations 2017 2016 PSPRS Actuarial Valuations – Police 2015 PSPRS Actuarial Valuations – Police

Budget Reports

FY2021 FY2020 FY2019 FY2018 FY2017
City Tentative Budget Resolution 2020-1747 Tentative_Budget Tentative Budget 2020 FY2019 Tentative Budget City Tent 2018 City Tent 2018
City Final Budget City Final Budget FY2019 Final Budget City Final 2018 City Final 2018
City Budget Document FY20 Budget Book FY19 Budget Book_Final Web 2018 City Budget City Budget 2018

Current Government Property Lease Excise Tax Properties (GPLET)


  • Budget and Finance
  • Budget and Finance
  • City Hall

    201 S Cortez St

  • 928-777-1236
  • 928-777-1255


  • The City’s fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30.


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