Bid Listings

The City of Prescott is currently accepting submittals for the following solicitations. Prospective bidders shall read the Notice Inviting Bids/Requests for Statements of Qualification/Request for Proposal thoroughly and comply with all instructions. Contact information varies for each project and can be found within the individual solicitation documents.  It is the prospective bidders responsibility to periodically check the webpage for any addenda issued prior to the due date. Late bids will not be accepted.  Additional information for CIP projects can be found here.

Office Visits

Sales representatives are a valuable source of information in obtaining bids, specifications, state of the art advancements or product improvements, and in resolving problems in delivery, billing and payment difficulties, etc. We value your visits. However, we recommend you call for appointments in order to productively utilize our time and yours. Contact 928-777-1130 to schedule an appointment.


General Engineering Standards (GES)
Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Standards and Details 
Technical Specifications


  • City Construction Projects
  • Latona Jones, CPP
  • Accounts Payable and Purchasing Specialist
  • Public Works Building

    433 N Virginia St

  • 928-777-1130
  • City Construction Projects
  • Erika Laster, CPPM
  • Contract & Purchasing Administrator
  • Public Works Building

    433 N Virginia St

  • 928-777-1130
  • Fleet Services
  • Pam Risaliti C.P.M., CPPB
  • Contract Specialist
  • Fleet Services Building

    432 N Virginia St

  • 928- 777-1659


  • Yes, Unless otherwise state on the Notice page, all formal bids, proposals and statements of qualification are opened publicly in the Prescott City Council Chambers located at 201 S. Cortez St., Prescott, AZ 86301 on the date and at the time shown in the notice.

  • The City does not maintain bidder’s lists nor do we prequalify vendors.  All vendors are welcome to submit their contact information and commodity cards or brochures to the Finance Department for our vendor files.  To ensure maximum participation, vendors should regularly check for posted notices and official advertisements on the purchasing website.

  • No, All formal solicitations must be received, and time stamped at City Hall before the date and time stated for the opening of the bid/proposal.  Bids and proposals received after the designated time will be returned unopened and will not be considered.

    Sealed envelopes containing bids or proposals must state clearly on the outside the vendor’s name and address, the bid/proposal number, name of the bid/proposal and the date the bid/proposal will open.

  • The “Notice Inviting Bids” will state if attendance is mandatory for the Pre-Bid Meeting.  Anyone can attend a pre-bid conference.

  • Contact information varies for each solicitation and can be found within the individual documents.

  • The “Notice Inviting Bids” or “Requests for Statements of Qualification” give instructions on the submittal process for each project.

  • All projects are listed on the “Open Bid Requests” webpage.  Addenda’s are listed in the project information.

  • The Cities Project Manager will contact the lowest responsible bidder to discuss the next steps.


    Sales made to the City of Prescott are subject to transaction privilege and use tax (sales tax) and must be noted on the bid form as a separate line item of the bid price.  In some specific situations retail sales may be exempt to the City and the City finance Department will execute exemption certificates.  For retail sales by out of state vendors who do not have nexus in Arizona (see Arizona Department of Revenue’s Brochure on Nexus), the City will self-assess use tax.”

  • Results of bid openings can be found at “Bids in Review”.


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