Code Compliance

Code Compliance is dedicated to protecting the public health, safety and welfare, while ensuring every citizen the right to a clean, enjoyable neighborhood by enforcing the City of Prescott’s codes and ordinances.

The City of Prescott strives to achieve voluntary compliance with City Codes through a process of notification and education, however, where voluntary compliance cannot be achieved, the Department has procedures to address public nuisances including, but not limited to, removal of junk and rubbish, abatement of junk vehicles through civil enforcement procedures, criminal prosecution and civil penalties of up to $2500 per day.

Reporting Code Compliance, Vacation Rental, and Sober Living Home Violations

Many people are not exactly sure what to do when they have a compliant regarding a possible violation. What we advise is to first talk with your neighbor or the property owner. Politely explain the situation and ask for their cooperation in resolving the problem.

If your good neighbor effort fails, you can use the online form, hotline or by phone to our office.

For Noise or Animal complaints please call the non-emergency number for the Prescott Police Department 928-445-3131 or Animal Control 928-777-1135.


To file a complaint you can use the following options:

Online: Code Enforcement Complaint Hotline Form

By Phone: 928-777-1320

After regular business hours Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or weekends use the Hotline

By Hotline: 928.442.CODE (2633)

The number for the 24/7 hotline will allow you to record information and speak with a representative (This is an answering service, not the City of Prescott). The information you provide will be sent directly to the City of Prescott code compliance department and they will contact you back the next business day.


Requesting information on a Property or to verify if complaints have been made on a property?

Please fill out a Public Records Request



View City Code


2012 Code Ammendments


  • Neighborhood Services
  • Wendie Laughlin
  • Code Compliance Inspector
  • 928-777-1967
  • Neighborhood Services
  • Mariah Quinn
  • Code Compliance Inspector
  • 928- 777-1225


  • All vehicles must have current registration and tags and legally parked on the property.

  • No.  The city only provides for one bulk trash pickup in the spring time.  Should you miss that opportunity, you need to take the bulk trash to the transfer station for proper disposal, or contract with someone to do it for you.  You are responsible to make sure no trash items are left in the right of way adjacent to your property.

  • No.  There are no signs allowed in the right of way.  This includes yard sale signs.  You may post the signs on your property.  Signs in the right of way, a box and rocks, or fliers attached to power poles are illegal and will be collected and disposed of.   You could be subject to civil fines as well.

  • Yes, if behind front set back requirements (usually 25 feet or more from back of curb, sidewalk or utilities) or can be stored in the side or back yard.

  • Yes, vacation rentals are allowed in the City of Prescott and require a business license.

    Vacation Rentals

  • Yes, in side or back yards and screened from public view.

  • If the weeds are 12 inches or higher, shrubs are encroaching the sidewalks or streets or overhanging trees in street.  On developed land entire lot needs to be cleaned, weeds below 12 inches, shrubs off sidewalks or streets, trees need to be trimmed 8 feet above sidewalk and 14 feet above the street.  Vacant lots 10 feet from curb or sidewalk and 10 feet from existing buildings adjacent to property.

  • The city can deem the house unfit for occupation if structure is unsafe. For more information contact City building official at 928-777-1356.

  • Make a non-emergency police report and then file a report with Code Compliance with police case number. We will then determine the validity of the illegal dumping.

  • Any residence that has 5 or more unrelated person living in the home.

    Community Residences

  • Accumulation of filth, garbage or blighting condition.

  • Here is a basic inspection process:

    • Inspection is completed by a code compliance inspector
    • A letter is sent to property giving approximately 30 days to make corrections
    • Re-inspection is done at approximately 30 days after
    • If corrected, a thank you letter is sent to property
    • If not corrected, but progress is made, an extension will be given depending on the amount of corrections required
    • Re-inspection is done at approximately 30 days after
    • If not corrected and/or no progress is made a final notice letter is sent to property
    • Re-inspection is done at approximately 15 to 30 days after
    • If no progress or correction made after final notice letter is sent the property is given a citation by mail and sent to the legal department.
  • It takes a minimum of 30 days and extensions can be granted for more time if progress is being made.


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