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  • Updated on 11/27/18

    The project previously known as the Carleton Street/Alarcon Street Improvements Project has undergone an internal analysis to reconfigure the project to address the most immediate needs for pavement and utility improvements on Carleton Street and S. Cortez Street to deliver the greatest benefit to the community within a reasonable budget and time frame.  The project will consist of drainage, utility, and pavement improvements on Carleton Street from the entrance to Mile High Middle School to S. Cortez Street.  The project now includes utility and pavement improvements on S. Cortez Street from Carleton Street to Goodwin Street.


  • Updated on 11/27/18

    The project consists of various drainage improvements associated with street drainage and neighborhood concerns regarding drainage. The following locations are included in the project:
    Alarcon Alley #1 between Aubrey St. south to Lereaux St. – Project is to address drainage and sediment concerns associated with the alley.                                            Robinson Drive Storm Drain off Hill Crest Lane. A new storm drain will be installed to convey drainage into the Robinson Drive storm drain system. The alleys in the area will be paved with the project.
    915 Country Club Drive – Re-design the driveway (which has been elevated over the years with pavement overlays) and drainage along the side of the road.
    Divinity Circle – Remove and repave the cul-de-sac. The road is failing and drainage is currently ponding in the road during storm events.
    1816 Boardwalk Avenue – reinstall scupper drain to low point of the road. Currently, the scupper drain is not in the low point of the road and drainage jumps the curbing causing erosion damage near a culvert the City maintains.
    5587 Goldenrod Way – Repair erosion hazard and re-install an outlet structure that has been undermined.
    Samaritan Way between Lakeview Road and Magnolia Lane -Grated drains are failing along the side of the road and the road in the area is deteriorating. The project will reinstall new catch basins and remove poor pavement sections before repaving the road.
    Thumb Butte Road between 1803 and 1717 – Add curbing along the south side of the road, to prevent drainage from flooding adjoining property.

  • Updated on 11/27/18

    This project will be awarded at Council on October 23, 2018.  The project is anticipated to start in mid-November, and be completed by the end of April, 2019.  Crack sealing will be performed on various streets throughout the City.  See attached maps for specific locations.

  • Updated on 10/19/18

    The Granite Creek Dam Outlet Rehabilitation Project generally consists of the replacement of the inoperable 36″ large diameter valve that controls discharges for Watson Lake, and the sealing and abandonment of the inoperable 48″ large diameter valve, both at Granite Creek Dam constructed in 1919. The proposed 36″ replacement valve is to include a 12″ bypass. The project will provide for operation of the valves from the dam crest via flexible operators. The project also includes the replacement of existing upstream trash racks and installation of new slide gates.


  • Updated on 11/27/18

    The Robinson Drive Improvements Project generally consists of the reconstruction of Robinson Drive from Gurley Street to the County boundary south of Newport Drive, including water, sewer, and drainage improvements.


  • Updated on 11/27/18

    The Sundog Trunk Main Phase C1 design project has been awarded to Lyon Engineering, and the contractor for construction is ALC Underground, Inc.  The project is part of a Development Agreement with the Creekview Village Project.  The private development project will construct a new 72-unit work force housing apartment complex on the east side of Miller Valley Road between Schemmer Drive and Rodeo Drive. The project is a cost-share coordinated effort to upsize and replace the sewer trunk main within the project area, replace and loop the water system in Miller Valley Road and increase the storm drain system at the intersection of Miller Valley Road and Schemmer Drive.

    The private apartment construction project has already started.  The joint utility and storm drain project will be starting on October 8, 2018 and is anticipated to last for 3 months.  All work within Miller Valley Road will take place at night from 6:00 pm – 6:00 am.

  • Updated on 11/27/18

    The Washington Avenue/Churchill Street Reconstruction Project generally consists of constructing roadway improvements on N. Washington Avenue from Churchill Street to Sheldon Street, and on Churchill Street from N. Washington Avenue to Arizona Avenue.


  • Updated on 11/27/18

    This project will include replacement of the existing Zone 16 Tank inside the Hidden Valley Ranch subdivision with a new 250,000 gallon tank. The project will also include tank access road improvements, upsizing of the water main in Haisley Road from Senator Highway to Valley Ranch Circle, increasing the capacity of the Virginia Pump Station, and upsizing of the water main from the termination of South Virginia Street to the Prescott Community Church property. The project will provide improved water delivery and increased fire protection to the area. Haisley Road between Senator Highway and Valley Ranch Circle will also be reconstructed concurrently with the water line improvements.

  • Updated on 11/27/18

    • This project will replace two existing booster pump stations at the corner of Heather Heights and State Route 69. The pump stations being replaced feed the water service areas known as Zone 56 (SR 69 corridor/Prescott Canyon Estates) and Zone 76 (Prescott Resort).  Replacement of the pump stations will address deficiencies as identified by the City’s 2013 water model.  The upgraded pump stations will provide required pressures, residential/commercial fire flows to the two zones, and will enhance water movement to the other surrounding water system zones..




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