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  • Updated on 4/7/20

    The project will replace approximately 15,600 Lineal Feet (LF) of 24-inch to 48-inch gravity sewer trunk and branch mains near the Airport in the north Prescott area. The project will begin at the Airport Water Reclamation Facility and will run southerly to the Northern edge of the Granite Dells. Results of the Sewer Model Report and Centralization Analysis, determined that the existing Airport Trunk Main needs to be upsized for current flow demands and for the centralized build out scenario. This project is the 5th of 10 projects that will complete centralization of the Wastewater Treatment process. Centralization, when completed will combine all wastewater treatment processes at the Airport Water Reclamation Facility and decommission the Sundog Wastewater Treatment Plant.


  • Updated on 4/6/20

    The project generally consists of constructing a roadway connection between the existing southern terminus of Corsair Avenue to an intersection with Wilkinson Drive. The Corsair Avenue Extension will provide a needed looped roadway connection within the Airport Business Park to improve circulation and access to the Business Park.  The intersection of Wilkinson Drive and Corsair Avenue will be designed to accommodate high peak hour traffic flows.  The extension of Corsair Road will provide two paved travel lanes with a paved center median, new curb and gutter, as well as drainage and utility improvements

    Partial funding for the project will come from an ADOT Economic Strength Program (ESP) grant and Streets Funds.

  • Updated on 12/3/19

    The City’s Pavement Maintenance Program includes projects to Preserve, Rehabilitate and Reconstruct sections of roadways, as needed.

    Preservation projects include the application of pavement rejuvenators, fog seals, slurry seals, micro seals, and other surface applications to help extend pavement life. Roads that receive these treatments are in generally good condition, and not in need of a rehabilitation project.

    Rehabilitation projects will typically include mill and overlay projects. The roads that require these treatments are typically in poorer condition, but the underlying base section of the road is still in good condition and will allow for the installation of new surface course asphalt.

    Reconstruction projects include the full reconstruction of a roadway, up to and including the installation of new utilities. These roads have asphalt or concrete road surfaces that are typically at the end of their useful service life and may have utilities within the road section that are also in need of replacement.

  • Updated on 4/7/20

    The bridge on Overland Trail crossing Government Canyon is in substandard condition and requires replacement. Through an Intergovernmental Agreement the Arizona Department of Transportation is funding the majority of the bridge replacement and administering the design work and future construction.

  • Updated on 4/6/20

    The project will replace aging water mains on Gurley Street from McCormick Street to Summit Avenue, as well as water and sewer mains on McCormick Street from Gurley Street to Willis Street. The City has experienced numerous water main failures in this area in the last couple of years.

  • Updated on 4/6/20

    The Hope Street Improvements Project generally consists of constructing roadway, drainage improvements and water main replacement on Hope Street from White Spar Road to Warne Street. Additional improvements include replacing the water main on Warne Street to loop into Hope Street.


  • Updated on 4/6/20

    The City of Prescott owns and operates five active wells within the Town of Chino Valley. These wells are the primary source of potable water supply to the City. The production wells in Chino Valley were drilled and equipped between 1947 and 1962. Since the initial installation only one major upgrade has been completed on the wells in 1987. Currently, at several of the well sites the well houses, electrical controls, mechanical equipment’s and HVAC components are beyond their service life.

    The City has initiated a Production Well Rehabilitation Program to upgrade the facilities at all five of the Chino Valley well sites, the development of a standardized well site design template was completed prior to improvements and was implemented for the Production Well #5 project, which was completed in 2018 and established the template for the building and site improvements at Production Well #4.

  • Updated on 4/7/20

    The Robinson Drive Improvements Project generally consists of the reconstruction of Robinson Drive from Gurley Street to the County boundary south of Newport Drive, including water, sewer, and drainage improvements.


  • Updated on 4/7/20

    The S. Washington Avenue/Goodwin Street Improvement Project generally consists of constructing roadway and pedestrian access improvements along E. Goodwin Street from S. Mt. Vernon Avenue to Penn Avenue, and along S. Washington Avenue from Gurley Street to the south end of Washington Avenue near Acker Park. The project will include new curb and sidewalk, as well as water, sewer and drainage upgrades.



  • Updated on 4/6/20

    The Summit Avenue/McCormick/Beach and Goodwin Street Improvements Project generally consists of reconstructing the severely deteriorated concrete roadway with new asphalt pavement. The project will change Beach Street to a one way street from McCormick Street west towards Summit Avenue. New water and sewer upgrades are also included. The project will also include new storm drain improvements. Curb, sidewalk, and landscape improvements will be included as needed.


  • Updated on 4/6/20

    This project will include replacement of the existing Zone 16 Tank inside the Hidden Valley Ranch subdivision with a new 250,000 gallon tank. The project will also include tank access road improvements, upsizing of the water main in Haisley Road from Senator Highway to Valley Ranch Circle, increasing the capacity of the Virginia Pump Station, and upsizing of the water main from the termination of South Virginia Street to the Prescott Community Church property. The project will provide improved water delivery and increased fire protection to the area. Haisley Road between Senator Highway and Valley Ranch Circle will also be reconstructed concurrently with the water line improvements.




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