Completed Projects

The following list includes Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) completed by the City within the last 3 years.  Funding for these projects comes from the 1% street tax, water and sewer rate payers, and development fees.

  • Updated on 11/2/17

    Per the Tenney Ranch Development Agreement, a detention basin was to be designed in associate with the Tenney Ranch development by the City within Acker Park. The City awarded the design contract to Shephard-Wesnitzer, Inc. (SWI) to design the regional detention basin. The basin has been designed to detain 15 acre feet of storage during larger storm events, which will reduce flooding downstream of the basin. The construction project was awarded to Fann Contracting earlier this summer. Currently the basin is excavated and the berm construction completed. During the last month of construction, the basin spillway will be constructed; gabion baskets will be installed at the basin inlet areas and below the spillway and the basin will be landscaped with native low used landscaping to blend in with the surrounding vegetation.

    City Contact Information
    Project Manager: Jeff Low 777-1643

  • Updated on 7/10/18

    The Alarcon Street Drainage Improvement Project consists of installing approximately 650 linear feet of various sized box culverts and grated channels. The purpose of the box culverts and grated channels is to remove storm water from the surface of the street and convey it underground to Sheldon Street.

  • Updated on 11/1/17

    This project is for street, water quality and streetscape improvements on Alarcon Street from Sheldon Street to E. Gurley Street. Improvements to Alarcon Street include pavement replacement. This project will also include streetscape beautification, and drainage improvements on Alarcon Street. The pavement surface has deteriorated with age and full reconstruction is required.
    See attached Project Update for Current news.

  • Updated on 7/10/18

    The Bashford Courts Alley Reconstruction Project generally consists of reconstructing the severely deteriorated concrete and asphalt pavement in the alley bounded by Montezuma Street, Cortez Street, and Willis Street and the parking lot. As part of the project, an underground stormwater drainage system and sewer replacement is being included in the design of the project. The project will also include upgrades to lighting, landscaping and new trash enclosures to accommodate compactor units.

  • Updated on 12/3/19

    The project previously known as the Carleton Street/Alarcon Street Improvements Project has undergone an internal analysis to reconfigure the project to address the most immediate needs for pavement and utility improvements on Carleton Street and S. Cortez Street to deliver the greatest benefit to the community within a reasonable budget and time frame.  The project will consist of drainage, utility, and pavement improvements on Carleton Street from the entrance to Mile High Middle School to S. Cortez Street.  The project now includes utility and pavement improvements on S. Cortez Street from Carleton Street to Goodwin Street.


  • Updated on 8/21/18

    This project is to rehabilitate the City’s Production Well No.5 located in Chino Valley. Elements of the project include the rehabilitation of the well, well site, and associated facilities and equipment. The project includes the development of a well rehabilitation program and specific improvements. Production Well No.5 is one of the key component in the City’s water production facilities, the well house, its electrical controls, and HVAC components are beyond service life and need rehabilitation and/or replacement.

  • Updated on 2/13/18

    This project will consist of design and construction of a new 5 million gallon welded steel water tank. The new tank will reflect the nominal dimensions and exact base elevation of the current tank located at the City’s Water Production Facility in the Town of Chino Valley and will be located to the east of the existing tank. The proposed tank location will require grading and engineered fill work for the tank pad as well as piping to connect the tank to the existing system. The project will include some minor landscape work, and site security will be incorporated into the new tank project.

  • Updated on 2/7/20

      The Copper Vista Lift Station Abandonment Project is complete.

      The Project removed an existing aged lift station from the wastewater collection system by installing approximately 250 LF of new 6-inch gravity sewer main and two new 48-inch manholes. After the removal of Copper Vista Lift Station No. 1, wastewater will be conveyed downstream to the existing Copper Vista Lift Station No. 2, where it will be collected and pumped to the existing gravity system in the area. Lift Station No. 2 will remain in operation after the project is completed.

    • Updated on 1/25/17

        The project goal is to realign, redesign and construct Crystal Lane from Ruger Road intersection with Deep Well Ranch Road to Airport Entrance along Janine Drive. In addition to the roadway pavement improvements, water, sewer and drainage improvements will be constructed. A small parking area is being considered northerly of the realigned roadway to better serve airport tenants.

        Project plans are nearing 90% design. Construction is tentatively scheduled for later this calendar year.

      • Updated on 8/5/17

        This project is for preservation and rehabilitation of various streets around the city. Some of the streets included in this year's program will be Willow Creek Road, Commerce Drive, Sandretto Drive, Sierry Peaks Drive, The Los Pinos and Village Unit 2 Area and the Enchanted Canyon, Heritage and Westridge Drive Areas.

        This project is designed to preserve the City's roadway infrastructure with pavement surface treatments such as Cape seals, Slurry Seals, Micro Seals, Oil Rejuvenators and other treatments. This program will also include milling and repaving of some streets as well in an effort to prolong the serviceability of the City's roadways.

      • Updated on 8/21/18

        The FY 2018 Pavement Preservation Project generally consists of Type II Slurry Seal, Type III Microsurfacing and a cape seal consisting of rubberized chip seal topped off with Type III Microsurfacing as well as Asphalt Maltene Rejuvenating Agent and Fog Seal, crack sealing on an as needed basis, pavement repairs and the restoration of disturbed traffic striping on streets throughout the city. The project also includes curb, gutter, handicap ramps, and valley gutter replacements.

      • Updated on 8/21/18

        The FY 2018 Pavement Rehabilitation Project generally consists of milling existing asphalt pavement and replacing with new asphalt pavement on Willow Creek, Sunrise Boulevard and West Hillside Ave. The work includes crack sealing on an as needed basis, pavement repairs, the adjustment of utility covers to finish grade, and the restoration of disturbed traffic striping. The project also includes curb, gutter, handicap ramps, and valley gutter replacements at various locations.

        City Contact Information
        Project Manager: Steve Guizzo
        Phone 777-1130

      • Updated on 8/21/18

        This project generally includes the replacement of approximately 2,700 square feet of concrete sidewalks, and the upgrade of 8 handicap ramps in the Prescott downtown area. The work also includes milling, grinding, or precision saw cutting to remediate uplifted sidewalk panels and miscellaneous curb and gutter replacements and repairs.

      • Updated on 8/21/18

        This project generally includes the replacement of approximately 12,000 square feet of concrete sidewalks, and installation of safety handrail in the Prescott downtown area. The work also includes milling, grinding, or precision saw cutting to remediate uplifted sidewalk panels.

      • Updated on 6/7/19

        The project consists of various drainage improvements associated with street drainage and neighborhood concerns regarding drainage. The following locations are included in the project:
        Alarcon Alley #1 between Aubrey St. south to Lereaux St. – Project is to address drainage and sediment concerns associated with the alley.                                            Robinson Drive Storm Drain off Hill Crest Lane. A new storm drain will be installed to convey drainage into the Robinson Drive storm drain system. The alleys in the area will be paved with the project.
        915 Country Club Drive – Re-design the driveway (which has been elevated over the years with pavement overlays) and drainage along the side of the road.
        Divinity Circle – Remove and repave the cul-de-sac. The road is failing and drainage is currently ponding in the road during storm events.
        1816 Boardwalk Avenue – reinstall scupper drain to low point of the road. Currently, the scupper drain is not in the low point of the road and drainage jumps the curbing causing erosion damage near a culvert the City maintains.
        5587 Goldenrod Way – Repair erosion hazard and re-install an outlet structure that has been undermined.
        Samaritan Way between Lakeview Road and Magnolia Lane -Grated drains are failing along the side of the road and the road in the area is deteriorating. The project will reinstall new catch basins and remove poor pavement sections before repaving the road.
        Thumb Butte Road between 1803 and 1717 – Add curbing along the south side of the road, to prevent drainage from flooding adjoining property.

      • Updated on 9/25/19

        This project will be awarded at Council on October 23, 2018.  The project is anticipated to start in mid-November, and be completed by the end of May, 2019.  Crack sealing will be performed on various streets throughout the City.  See attached maps for specific locations.

      • Updated on 11/27/18

        Pavement rehabilitation work along Willow Creek Road and Gail Gardner Way is scheduled to commence the week of September 10.  Improvements include the removal and replacement of existing asphalt pavement along Gail Gardner Way, from Iron Springs Road to Willow Creek Road, and along Willow Creek Road, from Mitchell Road to the intersection of Green Lane and Pulliam Drive.  Additional work includes replacing handicap ramps, sidewalks, and curb and gutter as needed.

        Once complete, these improvements will extend pavement life and improve the driving surface for motorists well into the future.  The project is scheduled for completion in fall 2018.

      • Updated on 9/25/19

        The City’s Sidewalk Improvement Program is intended to improve mobility in the Downtown and surrounding areas by upgrading pedestrian circulation. The program includes minor sidewalk repairs, reconstruction of sidewalks, and installation of new sidewalks to provide logical connections to other existing sidewalks or pedestrian oriented destinations.

        The FY19 Sidewalk Repairs Project includes removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks, curb ramp replacements and restoration of disturbed landscape on Carleton Street, Cortez Street, Washington Avenue, Moeller Street, Pleasant Street, Cedarwood Drive, Magnolia Lane, and Sandretto Drive.

      • Updated on 7/9/19

        Work on Gail Gardner Way will take place from Iron Springs Road to Fair Street. The work will include include pavement spot repairs and then a chip seal course will be applied to help the existing asphalt last as long as possible before a full reconstruction is needed. 


      • Updated on 7/3/19

        The Granite Creek Dam Outlet Rehabilitation Project generally consists of the replacement of the inoperable 36″ large diameter valve that controls discharges for Watson Lake, and the sealing and abandonment of the inoperable 48″ large diameter valve, both at Granite Creek Dam constructed in 1919. The proposed 36″ replacement valve is to include a 12″ bypass. The project will provide for operation of the valves from the dam crest via flexible operators. The project also includes the replacement of existing upstream trash racks and installation of new slide gates.


      • Updated on 6/2/20

        The project will replace aging water mains on Gurley Street from McCormick Street to Summit Avenue, as well as water and sewer mains on McCormick Street from Gurley Street to Willis Street. The City has experienced numerous water main failures in this area in the last couple of years.

      • Updated on 7/12/18

        The Hassayampa Village Lane Intersection Improvements Project generally consists of improvements to drivability and site distance on Hassayampa Village Lane at the intersection with Thumb Butte Road. The goal of the project is to reduce the grade differential to allow for safer travel through the intersection.

        The project is funded by the Hassayampa Village Community Facilities District No.2 and being administered by the City

      • Updated on 3/3/20

        The Hillcrest Storm Drain project includes the improvements to roadway and drainage features at Hillcrest Lane, Bloom Place and the adjacent unnamed alley. These improvements include replacement of the existing pavement, installation of new pavement, vertical curb, valley gutter and storm drain system which will outfall into the existing storm drain system within Robinson Drive.

      • Updated on 7/7/20

        The Hope Street Improvements Project generally consists of constructing roadway, drainage improvements and water main replacement on Hope Street from White Spar Road to Warne Street. Additional improvements include replacing the water main on Warne Street to loop into Hope Street.


      • Updated on 2/12/18

        The Marina Street Pavement and Utilities Upgrade Improvements Project generally consists of reconstructing the existing roadway with new asphalt pavement from Goodwin Street to Gurley Street. New water and sewer upgrades are also included. Curb, sidewalk, and landscape improvements will be included as well.

        City Contact Information
        Project Manager: Tim Sherwood 777-1130

      • Updated on 11/27/18

        The project will remove two aged lift stations (1958) from the collection system by extending approximately 1,500 LF of new 8-inch gravity sewer mains to serve the City parcels located on Mingus, Douglas and Delano Avenues. The existing force mains will be drained and plugged, and the existing wet wells, pumps, and electrical equipment will be removed as part of the project.

        The project was identified by the Wastewater Model as a project that will increase operational efficiency of the wastewater collection system. At the completion of this project, the wastewater operations group will have two less lift stations to operate and maintain.


      • Updated on 9/6/19

        This Project will accelerate a portion of the planned Montezuma Trunk Main Project that has been identified by the wastewater model as undersized and is in the capital program for replacement and upsizing to accommodate development of the property at the northwest corner of Montezuma and Sheldon Streets. Additionally, the project will increase efficiency of the wastewater collection system by altering flow alignments, abandoning aged sewer main and removing several aged manholes. The project will also reduce the number of maintainable assets in the wastewater system by five manholes and 509 linear feet of sewer main.

        There are two primary sewer alignments in the project. The primary alignment is an 18-inch gravity sewer main within Montezuma Street that crosses through the existing City parking lot and ends on Granite Street. This alignment will convey flows from the existing 12-inch trunk main in Granite Street and an existing 12-inch sewer main that receives flows from the alley between Montezuma and Granite Streets.

        The second alignment of the project will convey flows from an existing 8-inch sewer main near the Historic Sam Hill Warehouse building, north to the existing 16-inch Sundog trunk main adjacent to Miller Creek.


      • Updated on 6/14/18

        The project generally consists of repairs to the North Tank East at the terminus of Douglas Avenue off of Willow Creek Road.

        The tank was taken offline in October, 2017 to conduct a condition assessment to determine repair needs. The necessary repairs will be performed in the Spring of 2018, with the intent of placing the tank back on line in time for increased demand prior to this summer.


      • Updated on 10/1/19

        Development along the south side of Willow Lake Road has created an opportunity for the City to improve the water distribution infrastructure to better serve the surrounding community. The project will create a looped system by installing a new 12” water main along the east side of Prescott Lakes Parkway from Willow Lake Road south to an existing pressure reducing valve vault.

      • Updated on 7/10/20

        The City of Prescott owns and operates five active wells within the Town of Chino Valley. These wells are the primary source of potable water supply to the City. The production wells in Chino Valley were drilled and equipped between 1947 and 1962. Since the initial installation only one major upgrade has been completed on the wells in 1987. Currently, at several of the well sites the well houses, electrical controls, mechanical equipment’s and HVAC components are beyond their service life.

        The City has initiated a Production Well Rehabilitation Program to upgrade the facilities at all five of the Chino Valley well sites, the development of a standardized well site design template was completed prior to improvements and was implemented for the Production Well #5 project, which was completed in 2018 and established the template for the building and site improvements at Production Well #4.

      • Updated on 6/27/17

          The project generally consists of installing sport lighting at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds, to include associated electrical improvements.

          Darcor, Inc. is the engineering design firm. A construction contract has been awarded to Banicki Construction. All underground utility work has been completed, the pole foundations have been completed and the new 70' tall lighting poles have been installed. Construction is complete and the final photometric survey has been completed and passed. The project is complete.

          City Contact Information
          Project Manager: George Henderson 777-1130

        • Updated on 6/27/17

            The project generally consists of upgrading existing electrical systems, demolition of various structures and objects, improvements to the vending areas, lead-based paint encapsulation, painting, foam coating on the grandstands roof, utility improvements, cooling systems, fire protection system, and various other improvements.

            Darcor, Inc. is the engineering design firm. A construction contract was awarded to Fann Environmental to construct the improvements. Construction was completed on time for the 2017 Rodeo. The project is complete.

            City Contact Information
            Project Manager: George Henderson 777-1130

          • Updated on 8/20/18

            The Rosser Street Reconstruction Project Phase IV generally consists of the reconstruction of Rosser Street with new asphalt pavement and replacement of concrete flatwork where found to be defective. Replacement of water and sewer systems is not contemplated at this time.

            The project limits are Rosser Street from Campbell Avenue to the easterly boundary of The Meadows at Eagle Ridge Unit III subdivision.


          • Updated on 6/2/20

            The S. Washington Avenue/Goodwin Street Improvement Project generally consists of constructing roadway and pedestrian access improvements along E. Goodwin Street from S. Mt. Vernon Avenue to Penn Avenue, and along S. Washington Avenue from Gurley Street to the south end of Washington Avenue near Acker Park. The project will include new curb and sidewalk, as well as water, sewer and drainage upgrades.



          • Updated on 10/10/19

            The Safe Routes to School Project will construct new sidewalk and curb improvements on Coronado Avenue from Park Avenue to Country Club Drive as part of a Federal Safe Route to School Grant awarded to the City. The project will improve pedestrian access for the neighborhood surrounding Lincoln Elementary School. This construction project is awarded and administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).



          • Updated on 7/12/18

            In order to deliver much needed pavement repairs to Schemmer Drive, Public Works performed an internal analysis of the scope of the project wherein the project was reconfigured to deliver the greatest benefit to the community within a reasonable budget and timeframe.  Fairgrounds Drive and Schemmer Drive will each have the old pavement surface removed and replaced with new asphalt pavement under the FY 2018 Pavement Rehabilitation Project.  The water main on Fairgrounds Drive will be replaced.  That will be the only utility replacement at this time.

          • Updated on 11/27/18

            Undersized water mains in the Dexter Neighborhood are being abandoned in the alleys and new water mains are being installed in the streets. Water services for each parcel are being rerouted from the alley to the street and then tied back into the private water service lines. The streets involved in this construction will be resurfaced.

            The area involved with this construction project include: Bird Street North of Hillside, Ruth Street North of Hillside Drive, Dameron Drive from Hillside Drive to Comfort Avenue, Comfort Avenue from Dameron Drive to Campbell Street, Campbell Street from Whipple Street to Hillside Drive, Campbell Street from Comfort Avenue to Sonora Drive, and Sonora Drive from Campbell Street to the end of road.


          • Updated on 3/22/17

            The Smoke Tree Lane Pavement and Utility Upgrade Project generally consists of repaving Smoke Tree Lane from Willow Creek Road to Tabosa Drive, reconstructing the pavement structure on Smoke Tree Lane from Tabosa Drive to Birchwood Cove, and construction of a new 18″ water transmission main from Willow Creek Road to Birchwood Cove.

            The project is currently out to bid for construction to begin in April/May 2016.

            Questions regarding the project should be directed to City Project Manager, George Henderson at (928) 777-1130.

          • Updated on 7/10/19

            The pavement on State Route 89 (SR89) has deteriorated beyond preservation methods and now requires rehabilitation under the City’s Pavement Maintenance Program. Pavement rehabilitation generally consists of asphalt milling, minor pavement removals, patching and replacement of the asphalt pavement. The work will consist of the milling and re-paving of the travel lanes both northbound and southbound from the Willow Lake Roundabout to the limits of the recently completed SR89 Widening and Roundabout Project. The work will take place at night to limit traffic impacts.

            Following the completion of the paving of SR89, the City will then chip seal the entire roadway to make all surfaces identical and replace the permanent striping. This work will need to be done during daytime hours due to temperatures required for the installation.

          • Updated on 7/10/18

            The SR89 Widening and Roundabout Project consists of widening the existing 2 lane roadway to a 4 lane roadway from the current traffic interchange at SR89A south for approximately 4,400 feet, and will include a new roundabout on State Route 89 at a future intersection near the vicinity of the Phippen Museum. The project will also include a new parking area for access to the City’s Constellation Trail System.


          • Updated on 6/14/18

            The City of Prescott and their contractor, Fann Contracting, Inc., are currently working on a utility upgrade project . The project includes construction of a wastewater lift station and installation of a new sewer main line at the City’s Sundog Wastewater Treatment Plant . Once complete, the lift station will send wastewater through the main line to a junction structure located north of the Willow Lake Road Roundabout at Lillian Lane and Highway 89 (Northwest corner).

            This utility upgrade is the first of several phases to centralize wastewater collection and treatment throughout the municipal system. Once complete, the City’s wastewater utility system will direct all effluent to the expanded Airport Water Reclamation Facility.


          • Updated on 6/27/17

              The primary objective of the project is to improve the floor in the Transfer Station where solid waste is dumped and pushed into a pit for loading into transfer trailers. The existing floor slab has been worn down and requires remediation. The project also includes the replacement of the scales entering and exiting the Transfer Station.

              SCS Engineering is the design engineering firm. The construction contract was awarded to Fann Contracting on March 14, 2017. Construction started on May 1, 2017 and was completed on time to re-open the facility to normal operation on June 12, 2017. The project is complete.

              City Contact Information
              Project Manager: George Henderson 777-1130

            • Updated on 6/27/17

                The primary objective is to provide paving and drainage improvements and electrical upgrades at the existing facility. The project is intended to be broken into 4 phases with the first phase being the electrical improvements.

                Shephard-Wesnitzer is the engineering design firm. The plans have been completed for the first phase, Transfer Station Electrical Improvements. A construction contract was awarded to AJP Electric. Construction started in February, 2017. The underground electrical conduits and the light pole foundations have been completed and the light poles have been installed. A new motorized gate was also installed. Permanent power was established in early June, 2017. The project is complete.

                City Contact Information
                Project Manager: George Henderson 777-1130

              • Updated on 5/5/20

                This project is part of a Development Agreement with the Creekview Village Project.  The private development project will construct a new 72-unit work force housing apartment complex on the east side of Miller Valley Road between Schemmer Drive and Rodeo Drive. The project is a cost-share coordinated effort to upsize and replace the sewer trunk main within the project area, replace and loop the water system in Miller Valley Road and increase the storm drain system at the intersection of Miller Valley Road and Schemmer Drive.


              • Updated on 8/4/17

                The Tank Maintenance Program generally consists of making repairs to existing water storage tanks to stop leakage and prevent future leakage.

                The Tank Maintenance Program generally consists of making repairs to existing water storage tanks to stop leakage and prevent future leakage.

                City staff is currently working on developing standards by which repairs will be made. The first water tank programmed for rehabilitation is the South Reservoir at the southerly terminus of S. Washington Avenue.

                The plans were completed by in-house staff. The construction contract was awarded to Revolution Industrial on September 13, 2016 to complete the repairs to the South Tank. Concrete repairs, surface preparation, and final coating have been completed. The water tank has been filled and is back in normal operation. The project is complete.

                City Contact Information
                Project Manager: George Henderson 777-1130

              • Updated on 1/6/20

                The City of Prescott Transfer Station was built in 1991 when the Sundog Landfill was approaching capacity. The facility is intended to serve the solid waste disposal and transfer needs of Prescott and the surrounding unincorporated areas of Yavapai County. The Transfer Station was built to accommodate 250 tons of residential and commercial solid waste per day, and is currently processing approximately 200 tons per day.

                The Transfer Station Pavement Improvements Project generally consists of reconstructing the aged and deteriorating asphalt pavement at the Transfer Station with new, structurally stronger subgrade and base materials and fiber reinforced asphalt concrete pavement to effectively extend the functional life of paved surfaces at the Transfer Station.

              • Updated on 9/18/18

                The Virginia Street Pavement Improvements Project generally consists of milling existing asphalt pavement and replacing with new asphalt pavement. The work includes the adjustment of utility covers to finish grade, and the restoration of disturbed traffic striping. The project also includes curb, gutter, and handicap ramp replacements at various locations as needed.

              • Updated on 4/2/19

                The Washington Avenue/Churchill Street Reconstruction Project generally consists of constructing roadway improvements on N. Washington Avenue from Churchill Street to Sheldon Street, and on Churchill Street from N. Washington Avenue to Arizona Avenue.


              • Updated on 12/2/19

                The existing wastewater collection building is located at 1505 Sundog Ranch Road. It was originally constructed in 2005 to provide a centralized location for wastewater collection vehicles, equipment, personnel and storage.  The building is undersized for the current staffing levels and equipment.

                This project will add one double occupancy office for the two Water Protection Staff, one operation’s supervisor office, one SCADA/Operations room and one vehicle/storage bay. Additionally, the ready room, men’s bath/locker room and upstairs training/conference room will be expanded to provide adequate lockers, tables and seating. The training/conference room expansion will also include a secondary means of ingress/egress to comply with building and fire codes for occupancy.

              • Updated on 11/7/17

                The primary objective was to provide paving improvements at the City Water Operations Facility on Sundog Ranch Road. The project involved paving both entrances to the Water Operations Facility.
                Survey and engineering design services were performed by in-house staff. The plans are complete, and bid advertising started on 6/25/17. Bid opening was on July 20, 2017. The construction contract was awarded to Earth Resources Corporation on August 29, 2017.

                Construction started on October 2, 2017. Paving was completed on October 27, 2017. The project is now complete.

              • Updated on 6/14/18

                This project is located at the intersection of Cortez Street and Leroux Street. Improvements will include new drain ways and drainage infrastructure installation around the south and west sides of the parcel. The parking lot will be resurfaced and striped.


              • Updated on 7/10/18

                The Willis and Cortez Intersection and Repair Project will consist of a complete reconstruction of the intersection to include the reconstruction of the crosswalks and replacement of the pavers that have been removed. Improvements also include installation of approximately 340 lf of new water main along a new revised alignment on North Cortez Street, including replacement of two (2) fire hydrants and installation of approximately 400 lf of new water main to replace an existing 10″ AC line on West Willis Street. This line will tie into the new 10″ water line stub installed as part of the Montezuma Street Project.


              • Updated on 10/10/19

                The City chose Kimley-Horn and Associates to conduct a traffic signal warrant analysis of the Willow Lake Road and Prescott Lakes Parkway intersection.  The results of that study concluded that a new traffic signal system is warranted at the intersection.  Kimley-Horn was subsequently awarded a design contract to provide engineering services for the project.  The project will consist of the installation of a new traffic signal and appurtenant roadway improvements at the intersection.



              • Updated on 11/5/19

                The flood study has been awarded to JE Fuller Hydrology and Geomorphology, Inc.  The study is to re-evaluate the Willow Lake Tributary floodplain upstream of North Ridge Drive (approximately 3,000 feet), to update topographic discrepancies between the original study topography in 2008 and the updated 2016 topography.  The City is anticipating removing several residential structures from the floodplain at the completion of the study.  The flood study is anticipated to be completed and submitted to FEMA to review this winter.


              • Updated on 10/10/19

                The project will consist of various drainage improvements associated with monsoon flooding last year within the Yavapai Hills Subdivision.  The projects have been split into two separate bid packages in an effort to obtain more competitive bidding for the construction projects.

                The first project location will add a valley gutter in Hummingbird Way at the entrance to the clubhouse to reduce drainage from overtopping to the road into the clubhouse parking area. The second location will construct four drainage grates to reduce the amount of flow on Hornet Drive from between Rough Rider Drive and Sharp Shooter Way.

              • Updated on 6/14/18

                The project generally consists of constructing a new water booster pump station at the southwest corner of Pioneer Parkway and Willow Creek Road. The pump station will provide the ability to utilize Airport area water production facilities (wells) to supplement the Chino Valley Water Production Facility.


              • Updated on 4/6/20

                The Zone 24 & Zone 27 Water Main Piping Replacement Project will consist of various water distribution main improvements within water system Pressure Zone 24 and Zone 27 in the western part of Prescott. The project will include the installation of a new 12-inch water main from the Thumb Butte Drive and Sherwood Road intersection to the new Zone 27 Reservoir on Skyline Drive, and a new 12-inch water main from the Zone 24 Reservoir at Lookout Lane to the new Zone 27 Reservoir.

                The first phase of the project will be to install a 12″ water main using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) between Meadowbrook Rd and Skyline Dr. This method will allow the City to install the new water main without impacting the existing water main that feeds the Zone 27 tank on Forest Hills Rd as well as significantly decrease the impacts to the residents who use Forest Hills as the sole access to their homes.

              • Updated on 2/7/20

                  • This project will replace two existing booster pump stations at the corner of Heather Heights and State Route 69. The pump stations being replaced feed the water service areas known as Zone 56 (SR 69 corridor/Prescott Canyon Estates) and Zone 76 (Prescott Resort).  Replacement of the pump stations will address deficiencies as identified by the City’s 2013 water model.  The upgraded pump stations will provide required pressures, residential/commercial fire flows to the two zones, and will enhance water movement to the other surrounding water system zones..


                • City Construction Projects
                • Tim Sherwood
                • Construction Services Manager
                • Public Works Building

                  433 N Virginia St

                • 928-777-1130


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