Winter Storm Update Morning January 18, 2023

Well good morning all,

At this time road conditions are very snow packed and icy City wide. Street Maintenance crews are working to clear and treat main arterial and major collector streets and will move into minor collectors and local residential streets as the mains are completed.

Please drive with extreme caution this morning, as temperatures are well below freezing and, as said, snow packed and very icy. Again we ask that you only travel if you must, and if you do please allow for plenty of extra travel time. Leave plenty of space between you and vehicles ahead of you and always approach intersections slowly and leave yourself extra braking distance.

The National Weather Service, (NWS), is forecasting sunny skies with temperatures in the low 40’s. This will help greatly with improving road conditions. Street Maintenance crews will continue working throughout the day today and into the evening hours clearing any leftover snow as well as treat for icy spots as needed.  

The NWS is forecasting another winter storm system to impact the area beginning Thursday evening, that will bring more snow and very cold temperatures. Please plan for this system by restocking up on the essentials; water, food, medications, and have on hand alternative heating sources. Also be sure to have, and keep your electronic devices fully charged in case of a prolonged power outage. It may be advisable to reschedule any doctor’s appointments or other important appointments that can be postponed.

As always Street Maintenance thanks you for your continued cooperation during these types of storm systems. Your patience and cooperation helps us to keep the streets clear, and safe.

Brian Scott
Street Maintenance Superintendent