Winter Storm Update January 3rd, 2023 Late Afternoon Update

Good morning all,

At this time, Street Maintenance crews are working to maintain the main arterials and the major collectors, and are moving into residential streets City wide. Road conditions seem to be improving, and ice hasn’t been a too much of an issue up to this point. However caution should still be taken as there are pockets of colder temperatures where ice is present.

Street Maintenance will continue working to clear all the residential streets throughout the day and into the evening hours. The National Weather Service is forecasting another storm to start impacting the area late tonight and on into the morning hours of Tuesday. It is forecast at this time to bring as much as 3 more inches of accumulating snowfall to the Downtown area and slightly higher amounts in the higher elevations of the City.

As we work to clear the streets City wide, we ask again to use every caution when traveling on the roadways. Leave plenty of extra time to arrive at your destinations, extra braking distance between your vehicle and those ahead of you, and when approaching intersections. Also please do not follow plows to close. Stay at least 100 feet behind them, and do not pass a plow when it is actively plowing snow.

Additionally, we ask that you use off street parking if it is available to you. This helps our operators to more effectively plow the streets and will keep your vehicle from getting damaged by a plow truck, and possibly getting plowed in bay a windrow of snow. It is simply safer for you and our plow operators.

As always, Street Maintenance would like to thank all of our residents and visitors for their continued patience and cooperation while we work to clear all of the City streets.

Brian Scott, Street Maintenance Superintendent.