Winter Storm Update January 2nd 2023

Hello again all,

Street Maintenance is currently dispatching a full plow crew City wide and will remain in full plowing operations throughout this storm event. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that with these types of storms, road conditions can change very rapidly. A street that was only wet with rain water at one point can become snow covered within minuets making it hazardous to travel, and then back to just wet in the next few minutes. This happens when the temperatures remain above freezing and the rain transitions into, especially heavy, periods of snow.

We ask that you keep in mind we will be in this weather pattern until the end of the coming week. Also remember that temperatures are forecast to dip below the freezing point by the early morning hours, and periods of heavy snowfall are likely throughout the overnight hours. That said PLEASE drive with extreme caution.

Further updates will be posted twice daily until this series of storms has passed and Street Maintenance has cleared all City streets.

Thank you and please drive safely.