Winter Storm Update January 14, 2023

Good afternoon all,

The National Weather Service, (NWS), is forecasting a series of significant winter storms to impact the Prescott, and surrounding areas beginning this evening. There is some uncertainty as to snowfall accumulations at this point, but there remains a reasonable worst case scenario of up to 10 inches at 5000-6000K feet. This includes the greater Prescott area. Higher elevations in the mountainous areas surrounding Prescott could see as much as 12-18 inches.

Street Maintenance has crews and equipment on stand-by to respond as weather conditions warrant, and continues to monitor weather forecasts to better respond when the time comes. Please keep in mind that road conditions will change and become hazardous as snowfall begins to accumulate on the roadways, and temperatures fall near too, or below the freezing point.

As always we ask that you keep travel to a as needed basis, and when traveling, leave plenty of extra time to arrive at your destinations safely. Also, don’t follow to closely to the vehicles ahead of you, and approach intersections with caution and brake gently to avoid sliding into the intersection.

Additionally, be sure to have plenty of supplies stocked up, such as water and food, medications, alternat heating and lighting sources, and be sure to keep electronic devices fully charged in case of a prolonged power outage. Flowing these practices will help you to stay safe, warm and comfortable during this storm event.

Street Maintenance will continue to post updates here twice daily for the duration of the storm as soon as it begins, and we are actively in plowing and clearing operations.

Thank you, and please be safe.

Brian Scott, Street Maintenance Superintendent