Winter Storm Update January 1st 2023 3pm

Street Maintenance continues to monitor the weather forecast, and, based on the latest, will bring a full snow crew in for plowing operations at midnight tonight. We still have a crew on stand-by until that time ready to respond. Please continue to travel with caution and be mindful that road conditions can, and will likely, turn slushy,  snow packed, and later in the overnight and early morning hours icy as well. Travel only if you must, leaving plenty of extra time to arrive safely at your destinations, lots of braking distance between your vehicle and those ahead you and when approaching intersections.

We also ask that you stay at least 100 feet behind plows and do not try to pass plows while they are actively plowing. This will help keep you and the plow operators safe, “Don’t Crowed the Plows”

Current National Weather Service, (NWS), forecasts are calling for as much as 3 inches of snow fall overnight tonight, another 1-3 inches overnight Monday night, and slight chances continuing through Tuesday night. There will continue to be unsettled weather of some type through Thursday evening. Looks like a rather stormy start to 2023 for sure, so please be extra safe out there.

As always Street Maintenance thanks you for your continued cooperation during these winter storm events, and wishes all of our residents and visitors a very Happy and safe New Year.

Brian Scott, Street Maintenance Superintendent.