Winter Storm Update Afternoon January 16, 2023

Good afternoon everyone,

As was the case with this morning’s update, all City streets are substantiality clear and completely passable. Street Maintenance has a partial crew on duty at this time monitoring road and weather conditions. A full crew will report for duty an midnight tonight to plow and treat icy areas as needed.

Current forecasts do not indicate any substantial accumulating snowfall developing until the very early morning hours tomorrow. As talked about in this mornings report, streets will likely be icy in some areas, and may have some snowpack as well. If you must travel, please travel with extreme caution. Remember to reduce your speed, allow for plenty of breaking distance at intersections and between you and the vehicles ahead of you. Be sure to allow for extra time to arrive safely at your destination.

We would like to again caution you about the high water in the local creeks and washes. They are all running very high, so Please do not attempt to cross any running creek or wash. It only takes about 4-6 inches of running water to move your vehicle downstream. Please “Turn Around – Don’t Drown”

Thank you, have a wonderful evening, and please be safe.

Brian Scott, Street Maintenance Superintendent