WaterSmart: Drop by Drop Series – Learn about the Prescott Urban Water Cycle on Wednesday, January 16 at the Prescott Public Library

The City of Prescott Water Resource Management presents WaterSmart: Drop by Drop, an interactive education series addressing water supply and water conservation. A presentation and factsheet highlighting a different topic each month will be offered in the Founders Suite at the Prescott Public Library, at 215 E. Goodwin St., on the third Wednesday of each month. Can’t make it to the library? See the City’s website. Newspaper, radio and social media will support the monthly topics.

This month’s presentation about “Prescott’s Urban Water Cycle” will be held at Noon on Wednesday, January 16, and explains where the City’s water comes from and explores how the City moves water for everyday use.

The City encourages everyone to do your part and be WaterSmart! The program offers the community water education so that we can protect our water resources now, and for generations to come!

For further information, contact Leah Hubbard at the City of Prescott Water Resource Management at 928-777-1645.