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WaterSmart Landscaping

“Water Smart” Plan your garden for the spring. Save water and money and plant low water use plants.
Low Water Use Drought Tolerant Plant List
Official Regulatory list for the Arizona Department of Water Resources, Prescott Active Management Area.
Watering Guidelines for Plant and Lawn Irrigation
Remember, outdoor water requirements change throughout the growing season. Do your part and use our water smart.
Xeriscape- Landscaping with Style in the Arizona Desert
A Guide by the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association – AMWUA
Northern Arizona Lawn Watering Values
Use this area weather resource to determine water needs of turf lawns.

Irrigation Guidelines

Did you Know?

Time of Day Watering Restrictions

City Ordinance No. 4536, which has been in effect since 2006, has Time-of-Day Outdoor Watering Restrictions.   From April 15th to November 1st, if you use an outdoor spray irrigation or airborne watering system, you are allowed to water AFTER 8 PM and BEFORE 8 AM.

Low volume drip irrigation systems are exempt from this requirement.

Other times of the year watering is allowed, but it is still recommended that you water early in the morning.

Time of Day Watering Ordinance 4536, effective May 12, 2006

Reporting Time of Day Watering Violations

Contact us (anonymously if desired) in one of two ways:

There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you.