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Water Conservation Rebate Program

Practicing a low water-use lifestyle is a way everyone can help ensure a long-term, sufficient water supply. Efficient water use helps meet current and future needs, results in cost savings, decreases energy use, and helps preserve the environment. To help customers reduce water use, the City of Prescott offers residents and business rebates through the Water Conservation Incentive Program. Thank you for doing your part to live Water Smart!

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Water Rebates

Water Efficiency Improvement Rebate/IncentiveIncentive/Rebate Award Amount
Rainwater barrel (60–65 gallon capacity)$0.50 per gallon of storage ($500 max)
Rainwater barrel (75 gallon capacity and beyond)$1.00 per gallon of storage ($500 max)
Passive Rainwater Harvesting (See Homeowner’s Guide)$3 per square foot of basin footprint ($500 max)
Turf Removal (on-site or adjacent public right-of-way)$1 per square foot removed
Toilet (1.0 gallon or less per single flush)$150
Toilet (1.0/1.28 gallons per dual flush)$125
Toilet (1.28 gallons per single flush)$100
Water customer on septic system, toilet incentive$50
Commercial Urinals (minimum EPA standard of 0.125 gallons per flush)$100
WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation timer$100
Ultra-Efficient Washing Machines (See Qualifying List)$200
Water customers on septic washing machine incentive$50
Hot Water Recirculation System$150