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  • WaterSmart Drop by Drop was a monthly community water education program presented in 2018 and 2019.

    If you would like to explore some of the topics below, they are available as a factsheet and/or youtube video.

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    Topic2018 Factsheet2019 FactsheetVideo (2019 only)
    Prescott’s Urban Water CycleViewViewView
    How a Watershed WorksViewViewView
    Prescott’s Water HistoryViewView
    Gallons Per Capita per Day (Water Conservation)View
    State of Arizona Water ManagementViewViewView
    Outdoor Water ConservationViewViewView
    Utility BillingView
    Rainwater HarvestingViewView
    City of Prescott Water ManagementViewView
    Big Chino Water RanchViewView
    Recharge and RecoveryViewView
    Water for New DevelopmentViewView
    Wrap Up – What are sustainable and resilient communities?View