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  • Utility Billing
  • 201 S Cortez St

  • 928-777-1291

Follow the steps below to apply for utility service (which includes water, sewer and trash/recycling):

  1. Complete the Application for Utility Service (see below) and email a copy of your valid driver’s license or photo I.D. to the email address on the application or we can make copies for you if you choose to drop off your application. If you are completing the 2 Applicant form, the first applicant will sign and submit at which time the application will be emailed to the second applicant for them to sign. The form is not submitted to the Utility Billing office until both applicants have signed.
  2. If you choose not to complete the process online, you may drop off or mail your application to:
    Utility Billing
    201 S. Cortez Street
    Prescott, AZ 86302
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A one-time service fee of $25.00 + tax is charged on all new accounts plus the deposit of:

  • Single Family Residence: $200.00
  • For multi-family residences, non-residential or industrial properties deposit is calculated on an individual basis to cover at least two (2) months estimated bills.

The deposit is not required if the customer has a letter of credit from another utility showing at least 12 months of good credit. The deposit is credited to the customers account after one year of good payment history.

If you are opening a business account, please call 928-777-1291 for deposit and fee quotes.

Alarm System?  Residential or Commercial – Registration is a requirement within the City of Prescott.  There is no fee for this registration.  Please register using the following link: Alarm Registration