Water Conservation Rebate Program – Winterizing

As the weather gets cooler in Prescott, it is important to take steps to winterize your home in the late fall or early winter. When water freezes in pipes, the pipe can burst. This is not only expensive to replace, but also can increase your water bill dramatically. Here are some tips to prevent broken pipes this winter at your home or business:


  1. Properly drain your evaporative cooler.
  2. Drain your sprinkler or irrigation system.
  3. Insulate pipes that are susceptible to cold temperatures.
  4. Disconnect garden hoses and cover hose bibs.
  5. Gone for the season? Consider completely draining all water lines and fixtures.
  6. Know where your water shutoff valve is in case you do have a pipe burst.


Do your part to be WaterSmart in the City of Prescott. For more information, please visit www.prescottwater.com or call 928-777-1645.