Water Conservation Rebate Program

The City of Prescott has recently updated the Water Conservation Rebate Program. The following rebates and incentives are now available:

  • Toilets with 1.0 gallons per flush or less will be rebated $100.
  • An additional $50 incentive will be provided for water customers that use septic systems and apply for a toilet rebate.
  • Smart irrigation timers will be rebated at $75.
  • Rainwater harvesting cisterns will be rebated at $0.50/gallon of storage.
  • A passive rainwater harvesting system rebate will be available at $3/square foot of the drainage footprint. Please see www.prescottwater.com for further details.
  • Turf removal will increase from $0.25/square foot of turf removed to $0.50/square foot of turf removed.
  • Washing machines will be rebated at $200 please see the website for qualifying washing machines and take a photo of your old machine.

The City encourages residents and businesses to use water efficiently. The rebate program is designed to assist and promote the replacement of high-water use landscaping and inefficient plumbing fixtures.

Practicing a low-water use lifestyle is a way everyone can help ensure a long-term, sufficient water supply.

Thank you for doing your part to be WaterSmart! For more information and rules please visit www.prescottwater.com or call 928-777-1645.