Virtual City Council and Commission Meetings

In the City’s ongoing efforts to curb the impacts of COVID-19 on our citizens and staff, Prescott City Council meetings will not have an in-person public audience until further notice.  Meetings will continue and be live streamed on the city’s website, Prescott Media Center and on the city’s Facebook page.

In addition, citizens will be able to attend the meeting via Zoom by registering at the links provided in the posted meeting agendas. Following registering, participants will be emailed a confirmation with information regarding attending the meeting.

The Zoom platform allows the public to join the meeting as Attendees and “raise their hand” when public comment is called during particular agenda items and discussion. Upon raising their hand, attendees will then be permitted to speak for the allotted three (3) minutes regarding the specific agenda item.

In addition to participation through Zoom, members of the public may submit comments related to items on the posted agenda through the city’s website and those comments will be read at the dais by the City Clerk.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends avoiding close contact with people who are sick and putting distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community. By closing the meeting to an in-person audience, it is the hope of the City Council that the spread of COVID-19 be limited in the Prescott community. We encourage the public to continue their active participation in City Council meetings by viewing online and submitting pertinent comments online. Comments submitted through the city website will follow the same guidelines as the in-person comment process. Interested parties should include their name, agenda item and contain no more than three minutes of commentary. Profane and threatening language will not be read.

All city Board, Commission and Committee meetings outside of City Council will be conducted via Zoom until further notice as well.

For more information regarding COVID-19 efforts in our community and city services please visit city’s website or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 928-777-1245.