Traffic Signals On Willow Creek Road Help The Visually Impaired

Six new traffic signals to aid the visually impaired crossing streets along the Willow Creek Road corridor were recently installed by the Prescott Public Works Department.

The equipment features directional crossing arrows and emits a beep to aide visually impaired pedestrians in locating a pushbutton on approach from an adjacent sidewalk. Once pushed, the button provides a pedestrian call and other audible messages to indicate when to wait and when to walk.

The retrofitting came about from a request by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, which requested the signals on behalf of a visually impaired student.

The Prescott City Council approved the purchase last year for the equipment needed to retrofit the six traffic signals beginning at Montana Drive and extending north to Dan Carroll/Heritage Park.

The City plans to look at the entire community for possible future retrofitting at other intersections as well.