Statement From Mayor Greg Mengarelli Regarding A Planned Event Tonight in Prescott

The City has been assisting a group of local citizens, specifically college students, who are planning what they are calling a Peaceful Gathering, Coming together in Solidarity for Black Lives and Families.

They intend this to be a peaceful gathering.  They have been in touch with City and Police leadership, and will cooperate fully tonight to make sure the event remains peaceful.

The purpose of the event is to remember George Floyd, and have a moment of silence. 

While there are rumors of protesters coming from outside the area, this is not the intention of the organizers.  Prescott Police Department working closely with Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, and other local agencies to ensure that this is a safe event for the participants, for our citizens and for our businesses.

We stand with the Governor and all of our leaders when we say that the death of George Floyd was tragic and abhorrent.  We are prepared to listen to those who seek to have a civil dialogue to ensure it never happens again.

I want to urge calm, restraint and understanding at this time.  We live and work in a wonderful community where we have a tradition of peaceful public expression. 

Thankfully, we have not had any incidents of violence related to this matter. Our law enforcement officers are committed to maintaining peace and public safety.

Mayor Greg Mengarelli