Small Aircraft Down All Four Occupants Walk Away

On Saturday September 2, 2023 at approximately 8:07AM the Prescott Regional Communications Center received multiple calls of a small aircraft which had gone down in a field to the southwest of the Prescott Regional Airport.

The Prescott Police Department, Prescott Fire Department and Prescott Regional Airport operations teams responded to the location and found all four passengers of the aircraft out and walking around. Thankfully, none of the passengers sustained significant injuries which required treatment.

The aircraft, a Piper Cherokee 140 had originated out of Falcon Field in Mesa, with four passengers aboard. The plane stopped at Prescott Regional Airport to refuel and had just taken off for the final leg of their journey to Grand Canyon.

The National Transportation and Safety Administration has already cleared the plane for removal from the scene and will continue the investigation to determine cause and contributing factors to the crash.