Collection Day

Residential Schedule


The City provides residential customers with a 65-gallon container that has a serial number, which is assigned to the property owner’s water meter. Containers are picked up once per week and must be placed at the curbside or alley on collection day by 6:00 a.m., and removed by the end of the day:

Pickup day (Trash and Recycle):

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

If you move, the container stays at the residence. If one container does not meet your needs, additional containers are available for a fee. The container must be placed a minimum of three feet from any obstruction such as a mailbox, fence or lamppost and a minimum of 15 feet from parked vehicles. All waste must be bagged and the lid of the container must be closed. This prevents the breeding of flies, reduces the risk of damage to the container, and helps to reduce litter in our neighborhoods. All waste to be collected must be placed in the container – the driver will not exit the truck to load excess material.

The following items may not be placed in the containers:

  • Large quantities of dirt, rock, sod or concrete
  • Large appliances or furniture
  • Hot ashes or hazardous materials (liquid paints, petroleum products, etc.)
  • Construction debris; tires
  • Any large items which prohibit the container lid from closing

If you have any questions regarding residential or commercial service, please call the Transfer Station at 928-777-1116 between the hours of (Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Closed).


DescriptionMonthly FeeLandfill Closure FeeTotal Monthly Fee
Solid waste standard service$18.00$0.50$18.50
Additional green$7.87N/A$7.87
Additional blueNo CostN/ANo Cost

Note: Residents are provided one (1) 68-gallon green trash container and one (1) 68-gallon blue recycling container (solid waste standard service).


DescriptionMonthly FeeLandfill Closure FeeTotal Monthly Fee
Solid waste 300 gallon trash container$44.16$0.50$44.66
Additional 300 gallon trash container$44.16 N/A $44.16
Additional recycle (Blue)No CostN/ANo Cost

Note: Multi-Family Residential properties are provided one (1) 300-gallon trash container and one (1) 300-gallon recycling container or (1) 68 gallon blue recycling container per living unit.  The Solid Waste Division will determine the size of container provided.


DescriptionMonthly FeeLandfill Closure FeeTotal Monthly Fee
Solid waste service$18.00$1.00$19.00
Additional green- up to 2 containers$7.87N/A$7.87
Additional green – more than 2 containers$18.00N/A$18.00
Recycling 300-gallon (optional)$23.32N/A$23.32
Recycling 68-gallon (optional)8.10N/A$8.10

Note: The monthly fee is per business/living unit.

Visa credit card

The Transfer Station accepts Master Card and American Express for payments.


  • Solid Waste
  • Solid Waste Admin
  • Transfer Station

    2800 Sundog Ranch Rd

  • 928-777-1116
  • Solid Waste
  • Brady Higgs
  • Solid Waste Superintendent
  • Transfer Station

    2800 Sundog Ranch Rd

  • 928-777-1116


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