Trash Roll-Off Container Request

The City of Prescott’s Solid Waste Division provides roll-off container rentals to City of Prescott residential and commercial utility customers. In order to receive roll-off services, the utility account must be current with no past due balance.

Prior to setting a roll-off container, the City will conduct a site inspection to ensure the roll-off container can be placed at the requested location and to determine the container size needed. The site inspection must be completed prior to scheduling delivery of the container. A waiver of liability will be required if the roll-off container is to be placed on a driveway, concrete pad, etc.

No hazardous wastes, tires, or appliances with refrigerant may be placed in the roll-off container.


Container size will be determined by City employee based on material being disposed of.

13 Yard (12’, 4 1/2” long x 8’ wide x 5’ tall)20 Yard** (23’ long x 8’ wide x 4’ tall)30 Yard** (23’ long x 8’ wide x 6’ tall)40 Yard** (23’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ tall)
Set Fee$54.64$54.64$54.64$54.64
Fee* **
Pull Fee*$114.74$114.74$114.74$114.74

*“City Code (7-4-25(E)) requires roll-off containers to be serviced once every 30 days. Once the 30 day limit has been exceeded, the City can remove the roll-off container at any time. A pull fee and disposal fee is charged each time the roll-off container is serviced.”

** 13 yard, roll-off containers are charged a disposal fee at the rate of $71.00, with a one (1) ton minimum. 20, 30, and 40 yard, roll-off containers are charged a disposal fee at the rate of $71.00 per ton, with a three (3) ton minimum.

To request a roll-off container set, please submit the following information:


Persons should be aware that information submitted on this form will become part of the City's public records and that Arizona’s Public Records Law, A.R.S. §39-121, et. seq. will require the City to disclose such record and information upon a request for public records.

Note: A Solid Waste Division Staff Member will be contacting you about your request. Submitting this request does not guarantee service.


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    2800 Sundog Ranch Rd

  • 928-777-1116
  • Solid Waste
  • Brady Higgs
  • Solid Waste Superintendent
  • Transfer Station

    2800 Sundog Ranch Rd

  • 928-777-1116


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