Household Hazardous Waste Event



  • Solid Waste Admin
  • 2800 Sundog Ranch Rd

  • 928-777-1116

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR THE 2023 EVENT. Check back next winter for 2024 Event dates.

The City of Prescott will be hosting a Household Hazardous Waste Collection for residential trash customers from March 6th through March 24th to allow residents the opportunity to safely dispose of unwanted household hazardous waste. 

Accepted materials include, but are not limited to: Insecticides, pesticides, gasoline, car batteries, drain and oven cleaners, bleaches, oil based paints, stains, or thinners (5 gallon limit,) latex paints (20 gallon limit,) adhesives, non-alkaline batteries, and old, mercury thermometers. Items will need to be in a box labeled HHW and placed in front of your garage door or 6-10 ft. up from your curb so it can safely be seen and collected by our contractor. 

To participate, pre-registration online is required for qualifying residents, beginning Monday, February 6th. The pre-scheduled Hazardous Waste Collection Event will begin Monday, March 6th. 

Not sure if it would be considered hazardous? Check out our recycle wizard at to learn how to safely dispose of your items. 

Reminder: This contracted curb-side pick-up event is for residential utility customers only, no services will be provided for commercial businesses. Please call us, 928-777-1116, if you have additional questions.