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    The Prescott Police Department is committed to increase awareness and effective response to calls for service involving individuals with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

    Historically, law enforcement agencies expend many hours annually searching for missing persons with Alzheimer’s disease, and if not found quickly, these missing persons are at high risk of serious injury or even death. As the number of persons with Alzheimer’s disease increases in the United States, the demand on law enforcement services will also rise.

    The Bureau of Justice Assistance, working with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, has developed a national training protocol for law enforcement officers related to individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. This training has been provided to officers with the Prescott Police Department and will assist us in handling this type of call for service.

    In addition, the Prescott Police Department intends to:

    • Increase public awareness on issues surrounding missing persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia;
    • Establish and/or expand community partnerships with local law enforcement and other public safety agencies to assist in efforts to locate missing persons with Alzheimer’s; and
    • Educate law enforcement and other public safety and community partners involved regarding effective protocols when dealing with individuals with Alzheimer’s disease

    A call for service involving an individual with Alzheimer’s or dementia originates in the Prescott Regional Communications Center (Dispatch). The Prescott Police Department, in partnership with the Communications Center has developed a means for citizens to relay critical information about an Alzheimer’s patient who resides in the Prescott City Limits. This information can be given to the Communication Center through the use of the “Alzheimer Alert” form which can be completed and submitted to the center ahead of time. This form contains information about the patient to include: medical concerns, primary and secondary care giver information, wandering history and primary care physician information which is linked to the patient’s address within the City of Prescott. If a call for service is placed to the patient’s address, the “Alzheimer Alert” information is available to first responders as they head to the residence. This information can assist first responders in handling the needs of the patient to the best of their abilities.
    Alzheimer’s Alert form
    Alzheimer’s Alert form (Spanish)

    Aditional information on Alzheimer’s and resources

  • The Prescott Police Department Explorer Post is an active post for young men and women in the Prescott area who are interested in a career in law enforcement. Explorers work with a team of officers who strive to help each Explorer understand what a police officer’s duties are, as well as build good character.

    Additionally, Explorers at the Prescott Police Department are able to participate in the Ride Along Program, where they have the chance to observe a patrol officer as they complete their duties. The Prescott Police Department Explorer Post aids the Department and the local community throughout the year by volunteering at activities such as parades, parking control, and other community events.

    Explorers have the opportunity to attend regional and national competitions, academies, and conferences.

    • Must be older than 14 years and younger than 21years of age
    • Be of good moral character and integrity
    • Be a law abiding citizen
    • Maintain passing grades in school
    • Complete an interview with an adviser

    The Prescott Police Explorer Post Consists of three advisors and a sergeant. You can contact any adviser or the sergeant of the Support Services Section for any information or services provided by our post at 928-777-1988.

  • police_school_officerThe School Resource Officer Program consists of one officer who is assigned to Prescott High School. The SRO has three primary functions in the school: Counselor, Educator and Police Officer. Among other duties the SRO performs at the high school, he teaches law related classes to students and supervises the Youth Role Model Scholarship program. To qualify as an SRO, officers have to attend lengthy training and receive certification in this program. The SRO has established strong relationships with the youth while at the same time presents a positive role model at the high school.

  • The Prescott Police Department Shop With a Cop program was created in 1996 in cooperation with area law enforcement and local retailers and has enjoyed tremendous success. The program establishes goodwill between local law enforcement agencies and families experiencing hardships. This program provides selected children, referred by public and private organizations, the opportunity to shop with an officer for Christmas gifts.

    The goals for Shop With a Cop are many. The program is intended to boost the children’s morale and build their self-esteem while allowing each participant to see officers in a non-intimidating setting. Likewise, the program fosters decision making practices and cost-effective purchasing. Most of all, it provides an opportunity for the participants to experience the gift of giving. Children not only shop for themselves, they also purchase gifts for their loved ones.

    The Shop With a Cop program is completely funded through donations. Should you wish to learn more about this program or if you would like to make a donation, please call (928) 777-1900.

  • Arizona law enforcement and the Prescott Police Department has a long and rich history supporting Special Olympics Arizona, most specifically the Law Enforcement Torch Run. It is through the hard work and dedication of police officers, deputies, corrections personnel, and non-sworn staff that funds are raised each year to allow Arizona Special Olympic athletes to compete in a variety of athletic events throughout the year. In 2013, all that hard work resulted in an amazing $1.2 million dollars being raised through the Torch Run to benefit Special Olympics Arizona.



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