Dispatch Center (PRCC)

communications_centerThe Prescott Regional Public Safety Communication Center is the emergency answering point for four police agencies and four fire agencies. The regional center concept has the advantage of real time communications between partnering agencies.

Prior to 2005, Fire Dispatching was separate from Police Dispatching and occurred at numerous locations. Various deficiencies were realized; such as, minimal coordination and lack of cooperation among police and fire agencies, inadequate sharing of information, competition for qualified staff members, minimal opportunities for training, promotion and career enhancement, and the cost effectiveness of jointly purchasing and implementing required technological enhancements to increase levels of service to communities and public safety entities. For the reasons noted above, a feasibility study was conducted by an outside consulting firm in 2001 which resulted in a Prescott technical committee forming in 2003. Two years of planning, coordinating, and implemention followed and in April of 2005, joint operations began at the Prescott Regional Public Safety Communications Center (PRCC).

The PRCC answers over 23,000 telephone calls on a monthly basis. Of these calls over 7,000 are dispatched for Police or Fire response.

Prescott Police Regional Public Safety Communications Center Partners

Prescott Police Department Prescott Fire Department
Prescott Valley Police Department Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority(Central Yavapai)
Yavapai College Police Department Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority(Chino Valley)
Groom Creek Fire District Yavapai Prescott Tribal Police
Walker Fire Protection Association

The Communication Center is a 24 hour operation staffed by 30 civilian employees who are cross trained to handle Police, Fire and EMS emergency calls.


When a call is made to 9-1-1, the dispatcher has instantaneous information of where the call is being made. Although the location is made available to the dispatcher, it is imperative that callers give the dispatcher their current location.

New technology allows for the dispatcher to have approximate location information for calls made to 9-1-1 from cellular telephones. Callers should always identify their geographical location when calling 9-1-1 from a cell phone so valuable time in dispatching units is not wasted.

Code Red

Code Red is a multi-line outbound reverse emergency notification calling system capable of sending recorded messages to land lines and cell lines in a specific area with time critical information.

Uses for Code Red notification:

  • Missing children
  • Endangered adult broadcasts
  • Evacuation advisories
  • Information of critical events, i.e., earthquakes, fire, floods
  • Notification of hazards, i.e., downed power lines causing road closures, hazardous spills, etc.
  • Crime Alerts and urgent public safety information.


  • Police
  • Police Admin
  • Police Department

    222 S Marina St

  • 928-777-1900 Emergencies: Dial 911
  • Non-Emergency Number: 928-445-3131
  • Barking Dog Hotline: 928-777-1DOG (1364)
  • 928-778-3739


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