Station 75



  • Fire Admin
  • 1700 Iron Springs Rd

  • 928-777-1700
Station 75
Station 75
  • 1 Type 1 Engine
  • 1 Type 6 Engine
  • 1 Hazardous Materials Unit shared with CAFMA part of the year
  • Captain
  • 1 Engineer
  • 1 Firefighters
Engine 75
Engine 75
  • Certified Emergency Paramedic
  • Emergency Medical Technician Basic
  • Hazardous Materials Technician Certified

Station 75 was built in 1993, cost $175,000. Station 75’s response area is 17 sq. miles. Response area includes; all Hazardous Materials incidents, City of Prescott, Prescott National Forest, Hwy 69, Hwy 89, and surrounding rural areas. Station 75 responded to 1,082 unit responses (calls) in FY 2015.

Station 75 is our Hazardous Materials Response Team station and responds to all Level I responses in district and Level II responses throughout Yavapai County. The Hazardous Materials Team uses national recognized standards to mitigate hazardous materials emergencies. The Team is in the business to identify, isolate, and stabilize the Hazardous Material Scene. It is not in the Hazardous Waste cleanup business, though it maintains a list of Arizona Department of Environmental Quality approved clean-up contractors and supports local organized household hazardous waste clean-up days.


The Hazardous Material Team is made up of State of Arizona Certified Hazardous Material Technicians that have each completed 260 hours of training subject matters ranging from College chemistry to wearing Level “A” entry suits. Team members must take continuing education training throughout the year, with at least 2 major drills to maintain their certification.

The Team responds to any area in Yavapai County with the support of the Local Emergency Planning Committee. They are trained and equipped to handle transportation spills and fixed facilities incidents.

When the team goes to an incident they bring the Haz Mat-75 Unit. This truck can act as a mobile command post and as a research platform. It also carries all the specialized equipment that could be used on an incident scene. This truck is supported by a fire engine, which provides additional hazardous material monitors and detectors and a 750 gallons water tank with a ready delivery system.

The Prescott Regional Hazardous Materials Response Team is here not only to serve the citizens of Prescott, but also to serve all the residents of Yavapai County.

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