Community Risk Reduction

Fire Prevention is the responsibility of everyone in the community. The department proactively works to prevent fires by identifying and removing potential fire hazards. We also educate and assist property owners in making their homes and business as safe as possible.

Fire Codes

The Prescott City Council, in September of 2014, took an important step toward protecting the City from significant public safety incidents and catastrophic wildfire by unanimously approving stakeholder and city staff recommended changes by adopting the 2012 fire codes and amendments.

Development inside the Wildland Urban Interface Zone  is required to comply with the adopted fire codes to include frost free hose bibs for all sides of the house, rated wall, roofs and deck assemblies, rated windows as well as other requirements of the code. Prescott is a Class 1 community per the 2018 ICC Wildland/Urban Interface Code.

Business Self Inspection Program

The Prescott Fire Department has reinstated its Business Self-Inspection program. The program is free of charge and is designed for the general business that has a low-hazard potential for fire and life safety concerns. We have attempted to make the form as user friendly as possible. Please click here for the Business Self Inspection Form and follow the instructions. As always, if you have any questions or need help with your self-inspection, the Fire Department is available to answer your questions. With your support and cooperation, we can make the City of Prescott a safer community for all.

For questions on Fire Prevention:
Call 928-777-1760
Fax 928-776-1890

Fire Safety Inspections ensure that fire safety requirements are met.

Safety Inspection Check List Rev Jan 2019

Plan Review makes sure that new construction meets current fire safety codes. We also review remodeling and tenant improvement projects.

Fire Code Development helps our community to maintain the highest standards for our fire codes.

Fire Investigation determines the causes of fires, so that fire prevention methods can be improved, or in the case of criminal intent, bring the perpetrators to justice.

National Fire Protection Association


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  • The ISO Fire Protection Rating System

    • For many years, the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) has evaluated and rated the fire protection provided in communities. The system is called the ISO Public Protection Classification program (PPC). The PPC process grades a community’s fire protection on a scale of 1-10, based on ISO’s PPC evaluations as a factor in setting the premiums they charge for property insurance; the better the community’s PPC grade, the lower the premiums the insurance company would charge for property insurance in that community.
    • The Prescott Fire Department is currently an ISO Class 4 rated fire department. The rating provides the City of Prescott with value insurance rates for both residential and commercial property owners. ISO’s data on fire losses indicates that communities with better fire protection as evaluated by the PPC, do in fact, tend to have lower losses from fire damage than other communities.
    • An ISO rating is based on a communities water supply (40%), equipment (26%), Personnel (15%), Alarm and dispatch (10%), and training (9%). The Prescott Fire Department is committed to improving our fire service delivery to our citizens and continually strives to improve on our ISO rating.


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