Revisions to Open Call to the Public 

Prescott City Council has been conducting its Open Call to the Public at the start of Voting Meetings since the December 21st meeting. As part of the city’s ongoing efforts to promote transparency and public input, the Open Call has allowed citizens to address Council regarding local issues. This is an evolving public process and Council’s priority is to ensure that as many citizens as possible have an opportunity to address them regarding significant issues in the community. As such, beginning with the Tuesday, February 8th Open Call, Council will allow only ONE (1) comment for each issue. If you are a member of an organization or group, please coordinate for only one speaker to address the Council regarding your specific subject matter. It is important to note that this public comment time is being evaluated and may be revised in the future, there is an obligation that citizens wishing to address Council keep their comments focused with legitimate input for the members of Council. 

As previously noted, pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.01(H), members of the Council may NOT discuss items that are not specifically identified on the agenda and, therefore, cannot engage in a dialogue with citizens following receiving their comments. The Mayor, or presiding officer in his absence, will manage comments to ensure this opportunity does not negatively impact the Council’s ability to address the issues they are scheduled to vote on. Please note, citizens may continue to comment for three (3) minutes on items listed on the posted agenda as well. 

For additional information please contact the City Clerk’s Office. Council and staff welcome public engagement and look forward to hearing from our citizens.