Reserve Your Ramada Today!

The City of Prescott Recreation Services Department is proud to offer outstanding recreation opportunities within our community. A small portion of these opportunities include the covered ramadas located within our various parks and lakes. In effort to provide pristine conditions for groups utilizing the ramadas, the Department requests these areas to be by reservation only.

Due to the size and vastness of our municipal park system, staff can find themselves in challenging situations during the busy tourism, wedding and other special event season. For example, if a ramada has been reserved for a designated time period, staff will ensure the area is clean and adequately prepared for the group that has reserved the ramada through the Recreation Services administration office. If unplanned or spontaneous guests utilize the ramada prior to the scheduled reservation, staff efforts to clean and maintain the integrity of the area are disregarded. This ultimately results in unsatisfied customers and conflicts with the mission of the Department.

In addition to the sizeable ramadas, smaller day use areas can be found in the parks and are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Amenities include a covered picnic table and barbecue grill at most sites.

Please feel free to contact the City of Prescott Recreation Services Department at 928.777.1121 to further inquire about the use and availability of facilities within our parks and lakes. It is our hope that you will enjoy the services in the manner they are designed.