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Prescott Circle Trail

  • No Parking Fee
  • 56 miles
  • 5160' (low) to 6680' (high)
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The Prescott Circle Trail is a network of our best non-motorized trails that combine to make a 56 mile loop around Prescott . The PCT is jointly managed by the City of Prescott (25 miles) and Prescott National Forest (31 miles). The trail comes as close as three miles to downtown Prescott and is easily accessible with 15 trailheads along its length. A lap of the PCT has about 6000 feet of elevation gain and can be enjoyed as an adventurous one or two day trip or a multi-day trip over a period of days, weeks or months. Three of Prescott’s four seasons – spring,summer,and fall – offer superb conditions on the PCT. The resources below will help you plan your next trip.

Circle Trail Maps

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Parks and Recreation Special Circle Trail Issue

Table of Contents:

  • Prescott Circle Trail Completion Celebration
  • History of the Prescott Circle Trail
  • Prescott Circle Trail Commemorative Hike
  • Yavapai Trails Association
  • Many Volunteers Built the Trail
  • Nearby Campgrounds, Lakes, and Fishing

Guide to the Prescott Circle Trail by Nigel Reynolds

Do you want to tackle the PCT in smaller segments? This book has you covered!

This guide can be purchased for $10 at the following locations:

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Jay’s Bird Barn

In addition to the detailed maps, each segment has a description page that tell you how to drive to the trailhead, the route of that segment, and historical notes for that segment.

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