Recreations Areas

Community Nature Center

The Community Nature Center is open every day, 7 AM to sunset, and located at 1980 Williamson Valley Road in Prescott. The Nature Center has 1.5 miles of trails for hiking, birding, and wildlife observing. There is a Habitat Garden with over 25 named species of native plants chosen for their drought resistance and appeal to pollinators. A Children’s Nature Play Area is located next to the cabin with natural loose parts for creative outdoor play. History buffs will appreciate the Hardyville Road exhibit and log cabin. The small pond is a magnet for birds and other animals as well as water-loving plants. Forty-one plants are identified along the trails and their natural history is described in a free online guide. Signs of the Month guides have been written for most of the months of the year and are available at the nature center kiosk each month or on-line. Groups numbering ten or more must make reservations with the Recreation Services Department by calling (928) 777-1121.

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