Q & A With the Public Works Department About the Traffic Scramble on Gurley and Montezuma Street.

What has the Public Reaction been so far?

The public response in general has been mixed.  There has been a combination of some support for the trial while the call volume received by staff leans towards negative responses.  Some of the calls come from motorists, and is related to the turning movements being impacted by pedestrians that are crossing illegally against the DON’T WALK signal. The scramble is designed to have only traffic or only pedestrians moving at one time.  At no time should traffic and pedestrians be moving together.

What are we learning from the test?

 The test impacts or improvements are being compared with pre-trial traffic stacking and general signal operation for a presentation to Council in an upcoming meeting.  

How much longer do we expect to keep the trail going?

 The trial is going to remain in place until a presentation at Council on October 22nd, when staff will discuss the continuation of the scramble use or a return to previous operations of the intersection.   

Do we plan to implement the scramble fully, and if so, when?

That option will be discussed at the October 22nd Council meeting.

Where else would we consider installing a scramble?

There has not been specific consideration of expanding the scramble to date, however if we plan to implement the scramble fully, we may consider additional locations.