Public Service Announcement Regarding Approval of Special Events During the COVID-19 Emergency

The City of Prescott has received several inquiries about special events, both public and private events that may take place in the City, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency. 

The City does not regulate all events or gatherings at this time.  Here are examples of events that the city DOES NOT Regulate:   PRIVATE events, invitation only gatherings, such as weddings and funerals, and church gatherings.  

  • If you want to have a public event and it’s more than 50 people, there will need to be some oversight, based on the current Governor’s executive orders.  Here are some rules & recommendations:
    • If it’s a public event over 50 you do need approval from your local officials.  If the event is on City property, then the City will need to approve the event.  If the event is scheduled to be on county property, then the County would need to approve.
  • If an event is on private property, the organizer should first obtain approval from the property owner.  In some cases the property and/or organizer may also need to check in with the local officials to find out if they are allowed to let the event happen.

The City has worked with the Yavapai Community Health Services department, who has provided an in-depth list of COIVD-19 recommendations for Events and Gatherings, which is attached.  Regardless of the type of event you may be considering large, small, public or private please see the attached guidelines from Yavapai Community Health Services.  

Guidelines from Yavapai County Community Health Services, with event recommendations.

Here is some contact information:

For approval or to check status of events on City property, go to: or call 928-777-1552.

For approval or to check the status of events on County property, go to or call 928-443-5220.