Prescott Regional Airport Marks One Year Of Record Breaking Air Service

United Express, Operated by SkyWest Airlines served 53,000+ Passengers

Prescott Regional Airport – Ernest A. Love Field is celebrating completion of their first year of service with United Express, operated by SkyWest Airlines. This inaugural year of service has exceeded all expectations, and broke multiple records for the airport, including the most commercial air passengers served in a month, and in a 12-month period.

Over the past year of United Express service, the airport has hosted 26,898 departing passenger (boardings) and 26,716 arriving passengers, for a total one-year record- breaking passenger count of 53,614. An additional important milestone was achieved in 2018, boarding more than 10,000 commercial passengers. This elevated Prescott Regional Airport to Primary Commercial Service airport status, as determined by the Federal Aviation Administration, and resulted in increased federal funding opportunities for the airport.

“In the past twelve months, our airline has achieved a remarkable 77% average load factor,” said Dr. Robin Sobotta, Airport Director. This far exceeded SkyWest Airline’s early 43% load factor estimate, which was included in their July 2018 bid to provide service to Prescott. “We were also thrilled to see the airline post a solid 98.9% completion (non-cancellation) rate, which speaks to the airline’s reliability,” said Sobotta.

“We are proud of the resounding success achieved by United Express, operated by SkyWest Airlines,” said Mayor Greg Mengarelli. “The carrier has done an outstanding job in serving the entire Quad Cities area as well as Northern Arizona. Air travelers have responded by booking a record number of seats to the carrier’s two popular non-stop destinations, as well as hundreds of domestic and international destinations.”

“Our supportive community and great airport/airline team have lead to the success of air service at Prescott Regional Airport. We feel fortunate that the airline has responded to our unprecedented level of success by unlocking 450 additional holiday seats this fall. Additional spring flights may also be announced soon,” Sobotta added.

Originally, the air service began with six flights to LA, and seven to Denver. A seventh LA flight was added within a few months, due to demand.

Dave Army and his wife Gwendolyn, have travelled on United Express 25 times since service started. “What I like most about travel from Prescott (PRC) is the ease of check- in and security,” he said. “The relaxed and comfortable environment in the terminal is really great.”

Prescott Regional Airport will break ground on a new passenger terminal in early October. This facility will be operational in late 2020.