Prescott Police Department Rolls Out New Initiative to Enhance Positive Police/Community Relations

The Prescott Police Department began a new program this month to recognize caring acts by community members. “AC4P,” which stands for “Actively Caring For People,” refers to behavior that goes above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of the health, safety or welfare of another person. The police department will utilize the AC4P for Police Program as part of its community policing initiatives.

“When a patrol officer observes a citizen actively caring for people in the community, the officer will provide them with a uniquely serialized green AC4P wristband” said Prescott Police Sergeant Ben Scott. “The officer will encourage the AC4P wristband recipient to ‘pay it forward’ and transfer the wristband to another citizen whom the recipient witnesses actively caring for people in the community.”

The officer will also encourage the recipient to visit the AC4P website, and explain in writing why the band was given to the new recipient. According to the AC4P website, many bands have traveled around the world.

“We believe a proactive AC4P approach can help shift the perception of the police officer from an individual who reacts to criminal activity to a community servant who helps to prevent crime with positive outcomes,” said Prescott Police Chief Jerald Monahan. “This program delivers positive outcomes in ways that help to cultivate interpersonal trust and actively-caring behavior among police officers and the citizens they serve.”

To ensure that each original recipient of an AC4P wristband from the Prescott Police Department does not go without a wristband for their initial act of caring, the Department will provide a free replacement wristband to any recipient who “pays it forward.” To request a replacement wristband, the police department requests that recipients provide the details surrounding the act of caring that they recognized in an email to Sergeant Scott, at

“It takes only seconds to do someone a favor,” said Sergeant Scott. “Through caring for others, as a community, we collectively possess the ability to make an impressive difference in each other’s life.”