Prescott Film Festival Starts Wednesday

The 6th Annual Prescott Film Festival begins Wednesday, July 22, at the Yavapai Performing Arts Center at Yavapai College.

According to Festival's website, "you can meet a glue-factory-bound horse and the man who helped him become a champion jumper. Or journey to Rwanda where a nascent film industry is helping a country to come to grips with its genocidal past. Sit at the knee of Carroll Spinney, aka Big Bird, who has edutained 3 generations of children in the US and around the world. Be amazed by a magician committed to exposing conmen and debunking charlatans. Experience the commitment needed to be accepted into a world-class ballet school. Or finally, watch three ordinary people make an extraordinary difference in their communities if they can do it, why can't we?"

For more information on films, times and date, click HERE