Prescott City Council Workshop Meeting Summary

City Welcomes Additional Comments Regarding Arizona Eco Development Annexation

The City of Prescott held a Workshop Meeting on Tuesday, November 17th to receive a presentation from Applied Economics, LLC regarding the proposed AED Annexation cost-benefit analysis.   Staff also discussed the public comments received during the 60-day public comment period as they relate to the proposed AED Annexations and the North & South area Master Plans.  At the meeting, City attorney Jon Paladini noted that although the required 60 day comment period for the AED annexation has expired, public comments will still be received, and are welcomed.

To date, AED has not submitted a draft Development Agreement (DA) to the City of Prescott and therefore, this matter will not be discussed at the Workshop Meeting. During the meeting, AED representative Jason Gisi said that he intends to show the draft DA to the assigned City negotiation committee, consisting of Mayor Greg Mengarelli, Mayor Pro-Tem Alexa School, and Councilwoman Cathey Rusing, at a date to be determined.

In the meeting today, Mayor Greg Mengarelli stated that the review process will likely move into early 2021. This will allow the public ample time (at least 10-14 days) to review the DA, as approved by the negotiation committee, before the Council reviews the document in a study session.

The video of the Workshop Session can be viewed on the City of Prescott Facebook Page. The video and presentations from the workshop session are avaialble for view on the City of Prescott website.  From the home page, click on the tile entitled AED Annexation.


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